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What heroes are powerful in God's Holocaust? An analysis of the list of good heroes in God's catacly

recently, there are many netizens who have paid close attention to the God's disaster. Many netizens said they don't know what heroes are powerful in the God's disaster? There are many heroes in the God's Holocaust. Let's analyze the list of heroes in the God's Holocaust.

List of Heroes:

Hunter (ADC)

TSM (ADC'youngbae '): Apollo, amuska, Anhe

C9 (ADC'smek '): Cupid

Sk gaming (ADC realzx): it is said that all his ADC gods are proficient, not included.

TCB (ADC funballz): Anhe, Loki, subalk

Cog Na (adc'barraccudda '): NAIS, Apollo, amuska

Dignitas (ADC'zapman '): amuska, Apollo, Anhe, Cupid, NAIS, Artemis, and spark

Snipe (ADC'shing '): Agni, Aoguang, La, Zeus

Des (adc'paindeviande '): Freya, subank, Anhe, Apollo, Naise, amescu, Cupid

Analysis: Anhe and Apollo have always been regular visitors on the field. After amuska went online, he received more and more people's welcome. His endurance and injury continuity make him and Anhe keep pace and become the most popular ADC deity for professional players.