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Does Huawei's emui 9.0 System prohibit third-party desktops? Come to see netizens' hot comments

We know that the IOS system of Apple's mobile phone is prohibited for themes and software other than the apple store, and we are used to it. What if the Android phone is also set in this way? Recently, Huawei officially announced that starting from the emui 9.0 System, it is forbidden to set the third-party desktop as the default desktop. In order to give users a purer and safer desktop experience. For this kind of measure, netizens have different opinions.

According to the official, there are four serious problems with the use of third-party mobile desktops, affecting the user experience. First, a large number of apps will be pre installed on the third-party desktop. Secondly, the application icon on the third-party desktop "steal the beam and change the pillar", which will pretend to be the self-contained app. Third, the use of a third-party desktop will cause the phone to overheat. Finally, using the third-party desktop, it will occupy the quick start bar of the desktop, forcing pop-up and background push ads.

In response, some netizens said that Huawei, for the sake of users, has banned the third-party desktop, which is beautiful!

But some netizens Tucao, HUAWEI Android make complaints about "closed", asked the user?

In addition, netizens also said, is Huawei suffering from IOS? Since learning from apple, I hope its system can be smoother than apple!