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Why didn't spring start in 2019? Is 2019 the year of widows

After entering the month of December, the year of the pig in the lunar calendar is gradually approaching, and the taste of the year is more and more strong. Astronomy experts say that in the coming year of the pig, there will be a phenomenon of "no spring" in China's traditional calendar, that is, there will be no spring in 2019. Do you know why?

As the first solar term of the 24 solar terms, the beginning of spring is generally around February 4 of the Gregorian calendar year.

According to the astronomical calendar, from February 5, 2019 to January 24, 2020, it is the year of Qihai in the lunar calendar, namely the year of pig. The spring of 2019 is on February 4, which is still the lunar year of dog. The spring of 2020 is also on February 4, but it is already the lunar year of rat. Therefore, the upcoming Lunar Year of pigs has no "spring day".

How did the phenomenon of "no spring" come into being? Shi Zhicheng, a member of the Chinese Astronomical Society and director of the Tianjin astronomical society, explained that the traditional lunar calendar adopted in China for thousands of years is the combination of yin and Yang. In order to coordinate the time between the lunar year and the Gregorian year, a leap is needed, that is, in some years, 13 months are arranged and there are two identical months. The rules for intercalation are based on 24 solar terms.

Because there are more leap months, the number of days in the leap year of the lunar calendar is about 30 days more than that in the lunar calendar, so there are 25 solar terms in the leap year of the lunar calendar, and 23 or 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar. Because the beginning of spring is at the end or the beginning of the year, it often occurs that the solar term of the beginning of spring runs to the end of the previous lunar year or strides to the beginning of the next lunar year, so there is the phenomenon of "no spring at both ends" and "spring at both ends".

The year of "no spring at both ends" is known as "widowed year" and "blind year" in the folk. It is said that such a year is not suitable for marriage, or life will be miserable. Therefore, every time there is such a year, it will make some people feel very troubled.

Astronomers have made it clear that "no spring at both ends" and "spring at both ends" are all normal calendar phenomena. There is no basis for saying that marriage is not suitable. The public must not be misled.