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How to treat a man with a big pig's hoof? All men are pig hooves

Friends who have seen "Yanxi strategy" all know that the netizens in the play get an interesting Internet stem. The most popular word this year is "big pig hoof"! This word simply means "boys are not reliable, they are not good people", or some boys make complaints about their style and straight men's cancer. How to treat a man with a big pig's hoof? All men are big pig hooves.

Pig's trotters are so popular with girls that they make complaints about their hostages. Recently, there was an interview to investigate boys' understanding and opinions on "big pig hoof". A little brother interviewed on the street and was asked this question. The little brother even used another four words to connect "big pig hoof" and was yelled by girls all over the Internet. What's the matter?

The little white hat brother was dressed in casual clothes, but it was very sunny and a little shy. When the reporter asked "big pig hoof", the little brother was stunned for a while, and didn't understand what it meant. Then the reporter explained again, and told the little brother the girl's understanding of the word. Now he realized that girls love to say that men are big pig hooves, that is to say, boys don't understand girls' mind.

The little brother suddenly realized, and then he opened his mouth and said: the girl is still pickled peppers and chicken feet! 'pickled peppers and chicken claws' are the' big pig hooves' of girls. The little brother also has a big brain hole. The girls listen to this answer as if they are challenged. They leave messages to the little brother: stop for me!

The little brother interviewed on the street and answered "big pig's hoof". The whole net girl shouted: "stop for me!"! It seems that the little brother ignited the whole network girl's explosion! Wish little brother luck! What do you think of the word "pickled peppers and chicken feet"?