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How does the new version of wechat turn off people nearby? How to close people near wechat

Speaking of the function of "nearby people", it's also an important way to make friends. You can search all friends within a certain range of your location directly, but sometimes people nearby can see some of our information, even add harassment to us, which is a headache. How can the new version of wechat turn off people nearby? Wechat close people around the specific steps to understand.

Method / step:

First, we need to enter wechat

Then we choose [i] in the bottom right corner of the wechat homepage

At the bottom of me, we can find [settings] to enter

Then find [general] in the settings to enter

In the general middle area, we can see [function] and enter

Then we can find people nearby in the enabled function

To access the nearby people, we need to click [clear my location information] first, and then click [disable] at the bottom, so that the function of [nearby people] will be completely disabled