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Often eat coarse grain to have what advantage to the body? What mistakes should be avoided in eating

Coarse grain mainly refers to those unprocessed grains, such as corn, millet, beans and so on. These coarse grains are very beneficial to human body, so what are the specific benefits of eating coarse grains? What mistakes should be avoided in eating coarse grains?

We know that coarse is the opposite of fine. Coarse grain mainly refers to the unprocessed grain. There are many kinds of coarse grain in our life, such as corn, millet, oats, beans, soybeans, black beans, yams, potatoes and other root food. Coarse grains are rich in insoluble cellulose, which makes people feel rough to eat, but we can't always eat refined grains, and sometimes some coarse grains are better for the body.

What is the good for the body to eat coarse food?

1. Occasionally eating coarse food can resist dysmenorrhea

Many women have dysmenorrhea, which is caused by many reasons. Some studies have pointed out that one of the causes of dysmenorrhea in women is the lack of magnesium in the body. The lack of magnesium will lead to the mental tension of female friends, resulting in the aggravation of dysmenorrhea. Buckwheat, millet, corn, soybeans, peas and other coarse grains are rich in magnesium. Therefore, it is suggested that women with dysmenorrhea should eat these foods appropriately to increase the concentration of magnesium in human tissues, avoid over tension, sleep reasonably and reduce the incidence of dysmenorrhea.

2. Coarse food can prevent constipation

There is a lot of cellulose in coarse food. We all know the importance of dietary fiber. It helps to improve our intestinal motility. This kind of cellulose is very beneficial to female friends who want to lose weight. It can effectively improve gastrointestinal function, purify blood, prevent constipation and obesity, and help metabolize and detoxify.

3. The obvious anti-aging effect of coarse grain

Women like to eat sweets, but eating too many sweets is the cause of accelerated aging. But eating more coarse grains rich in vitamin B, minerals and dietary fiber needed in the body is conducive to detoxification, clearing the intestines, moisturizing the skin, and protecting the vitality of the cardiovascular system.

4. Eating coarse food will make you beautiful

Eating more coarse food can make your face beautiful. It should be the favorite food for beautiful women. Vitamin A can keep skin healthy and elastic; vitamin E can prevent skin from aging and drying; vitamin B2 can avoid acne; oil substances such as oil and linolenic acid can make skin smooth and delicate.

What are the mistakes in eating coarse food?

1. The way of intake is too single

Many people know that coarse food is helpful to lose weight. Due to the lack of relevant knowledge, many women change their daily diet to coarse food, but this practice has caused certain harm to the body. Eating more coarse food will increase the burden of our gastrointestinal function, but it will cause dyspepsia; secondly, it will prevent the absorption of vitamin C. One of the keys to lose weight is to speed up metabolism, but eating too much coarse food will cause some obstacles to metabolism. It is more scientific to eat coarse food and fine food together.

2. Too many ingredients in the cooking process

As mentioned before, the taste of coarse grains is light, and the taste is difficult to swallow. People who are used to eating fine food find it difficult to swallow. Many people add seasoning to these coarse grains and reprocess them to improve their taste and taste. However, due to the increase of calories in coarse grains, not only the nutrition will be lost, but also the effect of eating coarse grains to lose weight will be lost.