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Can ginger make wine? What is the effect of dry ginger pickled wine for external use

Ginger is a very common condiment in life, which can be used in cooking. In addition, ginger is also used to prevent colds and relieve menstrual discomfort. Can ginger make wine? What is the effect of dry ginger pickled wine for external use? Let's let Xiaobian take you to have a look.

1. Treatment of alopecia areata

Fresh ginger slices repeatedly rub the hair loss area until the local skin becomes red and hot. Several times a day, it can make the hair loss area skin hyperemia, capillary expansion, increase skin blood flow, improve microcirculation, so as to promote the growth of new hair.

2. Chilblain treatment

The volatile oil contained in chilblain ginger contains gingerol, camphorene and other components, which can stimulate the skin, dilate and congest the capillaries, and increase the blood vessels of the skin. When the early chilblain skin is red and itchy, it can be washed out with ginger water, which has a good therapeutic effect.

3. Treat Raynaud's disease

This disease is more common in women, also known as acral artery spasm, cold stimulation, emotional fluctuations as a common cause of disease, can be used ginger 30 g decoction, while hot bubble wash twice a day, has the effect of relieving vasospasm.

4. Treatment of pruritus

Camphor, camphorene and other substances in the volatile oil of ginger have the antipruritic effect similar to camphor and ice. Therefore, using ginger water decoction to scrub the skin can stop itching and treat skin pruritus.

5. Treatment of tinea pedis

The disease is caused by fungal infection, most of which are Trichophyton rubrum. Ginger can inhibit the growth of Trichophyton. It can be sliced with 100g fresh ginger, 50g salt, 2 jin clear water, boiled in an iron pot for 10 minutes, and then put into a water basin to soak feet, once a day, 30 minutes each time, generally 5-7 times, most of which can be cured.

6. Cure excessive sweating of feet

Take 15g ginger, 15g alum, and soak your feet after frying, 1-2 times a day, 5-7 days in a row.

7. Treatment of Bromhidrosis

Ginger has deodorant effect. After shaving the armpit hair, slice it with fresh ginger and rub the affected area several times a day. It has certain therapeutic effect on armpit odor.

8. Traditional Chinese medicine value of ginger

Ginger skin is pungent and cool, which can cure skin edema and make skin water; ginger juice is pungent and warm, which can disperse stomach cold with strong strength and is mostly used for vomiting; dried ginger is pungent and warm, which can stir up cold in the middle of the temperature, return to the Yang and channel cold, which has great power to warm the spleen and cold the spleen. It is hard to walk without the surface and scorching cold in the lower part of the temperature; processed ginger is carbonaceous, which is partial to the cold of warm blood; boiled ginger is bitter and warm, which is partial to the cold of the stomach and intestines. It can promote the growth of ginger, promote the spleen and stomach, reduce the adverse reactions and stop vomiting, remove dampness and eliminate the ruffles, stop coughing and expectoration.