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What are the vertical stripes on the nails? Is it good or bad

I don't know if you have paid attention to your nails. There will be many lines on the nail plate. Some people will have many vertical lines on their nails. Look carefully and feel that the surface of the nails is uneven. What is the vertical line on the nails? Is the cause good or bad? I'll give you an answer.

In fact, the outermost layer of nail is called deck, and the nail bed on the next layer is composed of epidermis and dermis, which are in the epidermis and dermis

There is a layer of matrix ridge between them, which is similar to the bridge connecting the two. With the growth of people's age, the nail will become thinner, and the vertical lines that we can't see at first will become more and more obvious. In addition to the vertical lines that will be caused by the growth of age, the body will be in a sub-health state for a long time. Insufficient sleep or excessive use of the brain will lead to the vertical lines of the nail. People who work for a long time need to supplement sleep Many office workers tend to ignore the danger signal represented by vertical lines, if the body is sleeping for a long time

In the state of insufficient sleep, the vertical lines on the fingers will only be more obvious, and even the nail may crack. Secondly, the lack of nutrition will also cause vertical lines. At this time, we should eat more fruits and vegetables,

Protein rich foods such as legumes, eggs, fish, etc. should also be supplemented appropriately, so it seems that only the vertical lines of parents are not as terrible as we think. Nine out of ten people have vertical lines, so long as the right medicine is taken to regulate the body, but if the vertical lines of fingernails are black, it needs to be extra!

Note that the black vertical lines represent the weakness of the human liver and kidney, with toxin deposit, and the vertical lines of the scaffold of some people with hypoxic pulmonary infection or pneumonia even appear blue. When the above two situations occur, we should go to the hospital in time for examination, after all, health is the most important thing.