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What are the effects of Angelica and bergamot tablets? Learn about the eating taboos of bergamot tab

When it comes to angelica, we all know a lot about it. Bergamot tablet is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine obtained by drying the fruit slices of bergamot, a Rutaceae plant. It can relieve pain, regulate spleen and stomach, and treat some common diseases. What are the effects of Angelica Bergamot tablet? Learn about the taboos of bergamot tablets.

Effect of Angelica Bergamot tablet:

1. Improve human immunity

Improving human immunity is one of the important effects of bergamot tablets, because Bergamot tablets contain a lot of natural polysaccharides, which can improve the phagocytic activity of phagocytes in human body, accelerate the regeneration and metabolism of immune cells, and significantly improve the immune function of human body.

2. Protecting blood vessels and improving heart function

Bergamot tablet can protect human blood vessels, expand coronary arteries, speed up blood flow, improve the contractile ability of human heart muscle, regulate heart rate and reduce blood pressure. It has obvious protective effect on human heart, and has obvious preventive and alleviating effect on the high incidence of myocardial infarction, myocardial ischemia, myocardial weakness and other adverse symptoms.

3. Treatment of chronic tracheitis

After being used as medicine, bergamot tablet can also treat the high incidence of chronic bronchitis and wet phlegm cough. During the treatment, it is necessary to take six grams of bergamot tablet and six grams of jiangbanxia, put them together, fry them with water, take out the liquid medicine, then add some sugar, mix them well and take them warm once a day.

4. Treatment of dyspepsia

Bergamot tablet has obvious therapeutic effect on human high incidence of dyspepsia, especially when people have chronic gastritis, stomachache, Liver Stomach Qi pain and digestive capacity weakening and other adverse symptoms, they can be directly treated with bergamot tablet. During the treatment, they can be taken after boiling water, or they can cook porridge with rice.

Taboo of Buddha's hand slice:

The medicinal effect of bergamot tablet is very good, but there are some taboos when it is taken. Those who have Yin deficiency, fire and no qi stagnation are not suitable to take Bergamot tablet, otherwise it will be harmful to the recovery of the body.