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What are the classic high score Korean dramas? Recommendation of ten Korean dramas with Douban score

I have to say that Korea really does a good job in fashion and film and television. I believe that for Korean movies and TV series, there should be no fewer people who like them. Today, the editor recommended ten Korean dramas with a Douban score of 9.0 or above. I believe you know something about them.

Top 10: voice in the heart & (47560); (51020); (51032); (49548); (47532); (2016)

Douban score: 9.0

Number of evaluators: 31853

Type: plot / Comedy

The voice of the heart is adapted from Zhao Shi's online cartoon. The play is starred by Jin Bingyu, Zheng Junying, Jin Daming, Li Guangzhu and Zheng Sumin. On the surface, it's a soap opera of daily life, but the story and characters are exaggerated, which can only be carried out in comics.

Top9: please answer 1997 & (51025); (45813); (54616); (46972); 1997 (2012)

Douban score: 9.0

Number of evaluators: 65382

Type: plot / Comedy / love

"Please answer 1997" began to broadcast on TVN TV station in South Korea in 2012. With the background of H.O.T and crystal boy's active 1990s in South Korea, it vividly and meticulously reproduced Korean fan culture and high school life.

Top 8: Secret Forest (2017)

Douban score: 9.2

Number of evaluators: 52546

Type: plot / suspense / Thriller / crime

"Secret Forest" began broadcasting on TVN TV station in South Korea on June 10, 2017, and won the 54th grand prize of the TV Department of hundred thoughts art. The play mainly tells the story of a talented prosecutor who lost his emotional nerve and was involved in a series of murders outside, looking for the real murderer in a rotten police station.

Top 7: Signals &; &; &; (2016)

Douban score: 9.2

Number of evaluators: 105933

Type: plot / science fiction / suspense / crime

"Signal" won the best TV play award of the 52nd century hundred thoughts Art Award. The rhythm of the play is well controlled and the production is very thoughtful. When describing the current plot, it uses 16:9 pictures, and recalls the 4:3 pictures used in the past. Pu Haiying, a police officer, and Li shanhan, a former criminal police officer, connected through time and space through old walkie talkies, and in the process, they uncovered some stories of long-term open cases.

Top 6: unripe & (48120) & (49373); (2014)

Douban score: 9.3

Number of evaluators: 45059

Type: plot

"Not born" is a work life drama adapted from the Internet cartoon of the same name of Yin Taihao in South Korea. In life, only the protagonist of go, Zhang Klei, unfolds in the face of the cold reality after failing to enter a career. The drama is called "working class textbook".

Top 5: my uncle & (45208); (51032); (50500); (51200); (50472); (2018)

Douban score: 9.4

Number of evaluators: 24960

Type: plot

"My uncle" is a love drama starring Li Zhien, Li Shanjun, Gao douxin, song Shixi, Zhang Jilong, etc. it tells the story of the 40 year old uncle and the 20-year-old girl observing and curing each other.

Top 4: smart cell life & (49836); (44592); (47196); (50868); (44048); (48757); (49373); (54876); (2017)

Douban score: 9.4

Number of evaluators: 47428

Type: plot / Comedy

"Smart cell life" takes prison as the background, and tells the story of superstar baseball player jinjih who became a prisoner overnight and lived in prison.

Top 3: funny family (2006)

Douban score: 9.5

Number of evaluators: 43835

Type: plot / Comedy / love / family

"Funny family" is also called "unstoppable high kick", which tells the funny daily life of Lee Shuncai and his family living in heishidong, Seoul, South Korea.

Top 2: my dear friends & (46356) & (50612) & (47560) & (51060) & (54532) & (47116) & (51592); (2016)

Douban score: 9.5

Number of evaluators: 19674

Type: plot / Comedy

My dear friends is starred by Hong Zhongcan, the director of my secret Hotel, and Lu Xijing, the South Korean gold medal screenwriter. Gao Xianting, Gao douxin, Jin Huizi, Luo Wenji and other actors. The play tells the story of 'life is not over, we are still alive' the praise of youth at dusk, and the friends who go to the end of life.

Top1: please answer 1988 & (51025); (45813); (54616); (46972); 1988 (2015)

Douban score: 9.7

Number of evaluators: 228651

Type: plot / Comedy / love

The production team of "please answer 1988" continued "please answer 1997" and "please answer 1994". The story of the play has shifted from first love to family and neighborhood. The play is the highest rated Korean play on Douban, with a total score of 9.7 points, evaluated by more than 200000 people.