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What is tiktok's profit? Tiktok's unheard of secret

Jitter is a short video social software for music creativity, a 15 tiktok music short video community dedicated to young people. Tiktok can choose songs from this software and shoot 15 seconds of short music videos to form their own works. So what is the profit of jitter company? Tiktok, a little secret of unknown gold in the sound of shaking.

1. Advertising realization

Shake is used in advertising, which is information flow advertising +App open screen advertising, which is often referred to as soft tiktok and hard broad. It is understood that in the recommendation of the tiktok home page, an average advertisement will appear on every fifteen videos. At present, the information flow of shaking is about 200 yuan per thousand people, and if it is counted by 1 million people, it will be about 200 thousand yuan per day tiktok.

2. Live broadcast reward

Besides advertising profits, another way to earn tiktok is to win rewards from live broadcast. Tiktok is known as the 7:1 tiktok and RMB exchange rate. The vibro live gift is 9 shake money, the fairy stick is 19 shaking currency, boom is 199 shaking money, and the gifts that you often brush in the live room are white flowers RMB. Tiktok Kwai volcano is also a popular video game for short video, such as small video tiktok and short hand video. For example, delireba, he Jiong, Chen he, etc. are based on 20 million fans, with over 20 million praise points.

3. Receive advertisement

When you have more fans and a personal brand, there will definitely be businesses coming to you to cooperate and promote. Then you can take the ads. It's also very rich to help them shoot products and make publicity. Secondly, tiktok has been added to the latest update, which has increased the live broadcast function. This means that tiktok can be made by live broadcast, and only after fans have done it, it is earned to live. It's no problem that a few hundred thousand or so fans will enter 100000 a month.