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How to buy a new energy vehicle

There are essential differences between new energy vehicles and gasoline vehicles. We are all familiar with how to buy a gasoline car, but there are many different ways to buy a new energy car. Today, Xiaobian will show you the detailed process and steps of purchasing new energy vehicles.

Purchase qualification

Many people know that there are certain purchase restrictions on gasoline vehicles, especially in Beijing, Shanghai and other first tier cities. So many people also aim at new energy vehicles, but also, the purchase of new energy vehicles needs to have purchase indicators.

First, take Beijing as an example. To buy new energy vehicles, we need to participate in the unified lottery. Like the gasoline vehicle index, we need to do the lottery every two months. Although it is higher than the winning percentage of gasoline vehicle index, it is not 100% winning. And the qualification of applying for lottery is also relatively strict. First, Beijing household registration or holding Beijing residence permit and paying social insurance in Beijing for more than 5 years in a row are required. Second, no cars (including gasoline vehicles and new energy vehicles) in Beijing are required. Only meeting the above conditions can you participate in the lottery.

Let's talk about Shanghai again. Although new energy vehicles do not need to be registered or licensed in Shanghai, there are also limited requirements. First of all, Shanghai is required to register or hold a long-term residence permit in Shanghai and pay social security for one year in a row. Secondly, new energy vehicles without photos taken in Shanghai have good personal credit records and parking spaces with fixed charging piles. In 2018, the new regulations also require buyers to hold a motor vehicle driving license and have no traffic safety violations within one year before application.

Although Guangzhou also needs to participate in the lottery of new energy vehicle indicators, compared with Beijing and Shanghai, the conditions are relatively loose, and the purchase is relatively convenient. For the time being, there is no need to worry too much about the purchase restriction. But before buying a car, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the local purchase restriction policy. When you are qualified to buy a new energy vehicle locally and get the new energy vehicle index, you can start to choose a vehicle.

Car selection

1. List of energy saving / new energy vehicles

In the process of vehicle selection, it is similar to gasoline vehicle selection. First of all, it depends on your ability to buy a car. No matter the loan or the whole amount, the car models beyond your consumption ability must be resolutely stopped. In addition, the purchase of new energy vehicles should be divided into several categories, pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles, hybrid vehicles.

According to different categories, there are also different policy support. For example, in Beijing, plug-in hybrid vehicles and hybrid vehicles can use the license plate of new energy vehicles, but the license plate can only be registered if they participate in the license plate lottery of gasoline vehicles.

And some of the pure electric vehicles do not belong to the range of new energy vehicles. For example, although Tesla Model x is a pure electric vehicle, it did not enter the list of new energy vehicles in Beijing in the first half of 2016, so there was news that Tesla could not be licensed. Of course, with the continuous update of the list of new energy vehicles, those new energy vehicles that need gasoline vehicle indicators will gradually enter the scope of new energy vehicle indicators. Now Tesla Model x can be licensed using new energy indicators.

Although plug-in hybrid vehicles and hybrid vehicles are not allowed to use new energy indicators in Beijing, they can be applied for according to energy-saving vehicles in other limited purchase areas. For example, in Guangzhou, Camry double engine, plug-in hybrid vehicles such as BYD Tang can be applied for according to energy-saving vehicles, and they are more tolerant than pure gasoline vehicles Easy to sign.

Therefore, when selecting a car, you must be optimistic about the local list of energy-saving / new energy vehicles. It is necessary to know whether the intended model can be purchased according to the energy-saving / new energy vehicles, so as to avoid the dilemma of not being able to buy the brand on the car.

2. Range and charging

First, the range, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicles in this regard almost no need to consider, after a traditional gasoline engine can support the range. But pure electric vehicles need to be considered. Which is the highest endurance? Or choose a "magic device" that can occupy the number? This aspect is suitable for people. For example, a commute is about 30 km, and a purchase of 200 endurance Once a week, a km car can be fully charged. Even if the battery decays seriously in winter, it can be charged twice a week. There's no need to buy a long battery life. It's just a choice of 200 km or more.

Besides charging, first of all, it can be made clear that most new energy vehicle manufacturers now provide free installation of charging piles, but there are still many people who have doubts about this charging problem. How to charge my 20th floor? Is it safe to charge my 1st floor? Can my bungalow be charged? How to charge without parking space? What should I do if the property doesn't allow the charging pile to be installed? If the parking space is not fixed, can the charging pile not be installed first? A series of charging problems swarmed in, don't worry, one by one.

First of all, the charging piles of the high-rise residents are installed in the parking space, so it's OK to live on the 100th floor. As long as there is parking space in the community, the property agrees to install charging piles. If the community can't install charging piles, it can only consider charging at the nearby charging station. Of course, do not connect the plug-in board from upstairs for charging, such behavior is no different from suicide.

The household who lives in a bungalow can apply for the charging pile from the State Grid, so they have the copy of the owner's ID card, the copy of the real estate card, and the non illegal construction certificate. It's cheap to apply for the State Grid to run the line alone.

If there is no parking space and the property does not allow the installation of charging piles, it depends on the reason why the property does not allow the installation: the property has insufficient capacity, or for other reasons. In this case, first, apply for installation in the 4S shop where the new car is purchased, and let the person who installs the charging pile company survey the site. He will discuss the construction scheme with you and the property at the same time, and finally give a more feasible scheme. If there is no fixed parking space at this time, the charging pile can generally be kept for one year. After the parking space is fixed within one year, you can contact 4S sales to declare the charging pile again.

All the above problems have been solved. Next, we will start to consider specific models. If it still can't be solved, we can only choose hybrid or plug-in hybrid. Of course, there are also some people who adopt a more eclectic approach. They usually drive their car to the charging station near the company for charging during working hours, and then drive away after work, which can not only solve the problem of no parking space and no charging pile, but also reduce the trouble of daily charging.


The purchase of new energy vehicles is subsidized by the state. Different regions also have different subsidy policies. After selecting a model, it is necessary to see the local subsidy amount and the state subsidy amount. The original vehicle price minus the subsidy amount is the final price of the naked vehicle purchased. Some smaller dealers will make articles in this regard, so as long as you are familiar with the subsidy amount, you will not be cheated. Of course, it is less likely to be cheated by going directly to the 4S shop of the manufacturer, and some 4S shops will have certain preferential policies on the basis of subsidies.

The process of car inspection and licensing is exactly the same as that of gasoline vehicles. As long as your procedures meet the licensing standards, as long as you follow the normal process of car inspection and licensing, there will be no big problem. If you don't feel relieved, you can go through the 4S shop to handle the licensing, but you have to pay a certain amount of agency fees.