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Can I use RMB in Thailand? How long can I play in Thailand with 10000 yuan

Thailand is a country full of enthusiasm and amorous feelings. In recent two years, there are many tourists to Thailand. Because of the relatively low price, good air quality and relatively slow pace of life, Thailand has also attracted a large number of Chinese to settle down directly in Thailand. It can be seen that Thailand is still very popular in the hearts of Chinese people. Can we use RMB directly in Thailand? How long can we play in Thailand with RMB 10000?

Can RMB be used in Thailand

Thailand basically can't use the RMB. You don't need to tip when you buy goods. Restaurants with small tickets don't need to tip because the service charge is usually included in the bill. In general, people will automatically ask you for tips when you are riding an elephant or flying through the jungle. Taxis like 100 baht don't need to tip two cars. If you think the service attitude is very good, you may look at 20-50b When you leave the hotel in the morning, you may leave 20b tip at the bedside. It's not necessary. If you want to give it, you can give it. If you don't want to, you can't give other tips. You can't give coins

Can 10000 Yuan play in Thailand for 10 days?

1, visa

Thailand visa is very convenient. At present, Thailand also has the measures of free landing visa fee. From November 15, 2018 to January 13, 2019, it will be implemented for 21 countries and regions including China. It is said that it will continue to the end of April. You can save hundreds of yuan by playing in Thailand as soon as possible. After the recovery of the fee, each person will need about 427 yuan, or you can choose to do ordinary business in Taobao ahead of time Tourist visa, only 200 +.

2. Air ticket + Hotel

Due to the relatively cheap tax, the air tickets to Thailand have always been relatively cost-effective. The total price including tax basically kills other Southeast Asian routes, even lower than many domestic flights! If you buy cheap airlines or meet the great promotion of Air Asia, the round-trip air tickets can even be as low as 5600! If there is a need for checked baggage, or a friend in flight comfort, the big promotion activities of the four major domestic airlines can also be To pay attention, 800-900 can be won! Just like the recent promotion of China Southern Airlines, the cost performance of flying to Bangkok and Chiang Mai is very high, including 900 yuan of tax! Generally speaking, it is appropriate to book a round trip ticket within 1500 yuan about one month in advance!

Thailand's hotels can be said to be very cost-effective! Beautiful decoration, clean and comfortable, there are many infinity swimming pools suitable for clapping. Even in Bangkok, the average person can live in a medium and high-end 'net red hotel' which is comparable to five stars!

It's cheaper to book a home stay in airbnb. It's less than 100 yuan per person per night. You can get a round-trip air ticket plus a hotel in 10 days. The cheapest price is less than 2000 yuan, and the number of people who live in the local luxury is only 4000 +.

3. Domestic transportation in Thailand

Back and forth from Bangkok to Pattaya: the first line from Bangkok to Pattaya to Chiang Mai is usually a domestic flight to Bangkok, from Bangkok to Pattaya, then back to Bangkok by plane or bus to Chiang Mai, and finally back from Chiang Mai. You can take a bus between Pattaya in Bangkok, a total of about 40 yuan, a one-way journey of about two and a half hours;

There are many options from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. One is to take a plane directly, book tickets in lion air and bird air in Thailand a week in advance, the price is about 200 yuan, and it's more convenient and quick to go ahead for a long time or in case of sales promotion. However, if you want to see the luggage amount, you can also take the NCA bus called "first class land" if you want to take "killing" in Bangkok How much luggage, it takes 9 hours, about 170 yuan ~ other trains and cars, these more difficult modes of transportation jump don't go into details!

Short distance transportation:

There are many modes of transportation in Thailand, such as double cars, tuk tuk cars, buses, subways, light rail, taxis, grab, water buses, etc., which seem very complicated! But just by analogy with the familiar transportation, it is very clear that double cars and Tuktuk cars are similar to domestic tricycles, grab is the drop in China!

Bangkok, also known as the "slow" valley, has been in traffic jam since 6 a.m., so it is recommended to take the subway or light rail. You can buy a three-day pass for the subway, which is about 46 yuan, and you can take it at will.

If you want to take a taxi, you must say "by meter" to the driver, and the destination a little further away is also within 2 or 30 yuan. If you want to experience the Tuktuk, you must bargain wildly and be careful of being hit.

In Chiang Mai, you can take two cars basically. 4 yuan for one person in the ancient city, 6 yuan for one person out of the ancient city. Generally, it's not more than 8 yuan. It's cheaper! When you arrive in Pattaya, you can take two cars or take a taxi.

The cost of domestic transportation in Thailand is not large. If we choose public transportation, it will be about 400 yuan. If we take a taxi occasionally, it should be within 700 yuan.

4, diet

Speaking of Thai food, curry control is very excited!! I wish I could settle down in Thailand ~ Thai food can be said to be of good quality and low price. Many peddlers and carts on the street sell delicious food. The food in the night market, water market and sea market is also colorful! Most of the desserts, drinks and snacks are more than ten yuan a share, and only 40 yuan after eating five prawns.

A buffet or some specialty restaurants will cost 50-80 yuan per capita, and a seafood restaurant that costs a little more will cost 100-200 yuan to 10 days per capita. If snacks and night markets are the main ones, it's OK to save 6 or 7 hundred yuan. If every meal is a super meal, 2000 yuan will be enough for all kinds of seafood!

5, scenic spots

When you come to Thailand, there must be some scenic spots that you have to go to. In Thailand, you mainly visit temples and palaces, and many scenic spots are free of charge. There are Shuanglong temple in Chiang Mai, 6 yuan, puping palace, 10 yuan, Grand Palace pass in Bangkok, 100 yuan for a half day tour in dannen Sanduo water market, etc.

If you want to experience the Tiffany show with local characteristics in Pattaya, the ticket is a little expensive, and it costs 160 yuan, so it's not worth mentioning that the tickets for Thailand's scenic spots are worth mentioning. Most of them can be done within 500 yuan in one round!

6, communication

It's very important to keep the communication smooth when people are in different places. If you search Thailand traffic bag directly on Taobao or buy a happy card, everything will be fine for 30 yuan!