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What are the causes of juvenile white hair? What are the reasons for the lack of white hair

It seems that white hair is just a representative of the elderly. No one likes to change from green silk to white hair. Now many young people have white hair on their heads, but the hair in their teens has turned white. It's hard to be confident. What's the cause of young people's white hair? Xiaobian will tell you about the reason of less white hair.

1. Genetic elements

Most of the reasons for juvenile white are hereditary. Don't look down on the hair. It is also hereditary. There are similar conditions in parents or family blood. Then his offspring are likely to be inherited.

2. Lack of trace elements such as copper and iron

Research shows that lack of protein and high malnutrition is one of the reasons for early white hair, especially the lack of trace elements such as copper, cobalt and iron in diet can also lead to white hair. In recent years, scientists have found that the pigment particles in hair contain a mixture of copper and iron. When the content of nickel in hair increases, it will turn gray white. Therefore, trace elements are closely related to the color of hair.

3. High pressure in work or life

Modern people have a lot of pressure in work and life. They are easy to be nervous, depressed, lack of sleep and over thinking for a long time, which leads to the deficiency of liver and kidney, deficiency of Qi and blood, and early gray hair.

4. Slow illness

Some people suffer from autonomic nervous dysfunction, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, internal excretion obstruction and so on. They will also show blue silk. This is because the disease destroys and disturbs the growth and development of hair papilla and hair globular pigment cells, making them lose the ability to excrete melanin and prevent the formation of melanin particles.

5. Diet elements

If you eat too many sweets, it will simply give birth to green silk. U.S. researchers have found that over eating sweets at the age of 50 can accelerate cell aging. According to the introduction, sugar belongs to acid food, many people eat sugar, which can make the body liquid alkalinity become neutral or weak acid, promote cell aging, make the human body environment habit worse, and the hair turns yellow and white.