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How many Valentine's days are there in 2019? Summary of Valentine's Day dates 2019

Valentine's Day is to increase the feelings of lovers, of course, as long as two people are willing to, every day can be sweet like a plot person. But even so, life still needs a sense of ceremony. In a specific Valentine's day, there will be more atmosphere and sentiment. Do you know how many Valentine's days there will be in 2019? Today's editor will give you a summary of all Valentine's days in 2019 to see what you know.

There are 14 Valentine's days in 2019. Valentine's days in the West and China are as follows:

January 14, 2019: Diary Valentine's Day

February 14, 2019: Valentine's Day

March 14, 2019: White Valentine's Day

April 14, 2019: Black Valentine's Day

May 14, 2019: rose valentine's Day

May 20 / 21, 2019: Online Valentine's Day

June 14, 2019: Valentine's Day

July 14, 2019: Silver Valentine's Day

August 7, 2019: Valentine's day on Chinese Valentine's Day

August 14, 2019: green valentine's Day

September 14, 2019: Music Valentine's day and photo Valentine's Day

October 14, 2019: Wine Valentine's Day

November 14, 2019: Orange Valentine's day, film Valentine's Day

December 14, 2019: embrace Valentine's Day

The similarities between Valentine's day and Tanabata

Valentine's day and Chinese Valentine's Day

Qixi Festival refers to the seventh day of the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. It's a festival for women to beg for skill and for Cowherd and weaver girl to meet. The touching love story of Cowherd and weaver girl is widely spread by later generations. In order to commemorate their love story, it is hyped by businesses. Therefore, Qixi Festival is also known as Chinese Valentine's day, so Qixi also belongs to Valentine's day. Although Valentine's day comes from the west, it has become more and more popular in China in recent years. At present, there are four popular Valentine's day in China, namely, Lantern Festival, Western Valentine's day, 520 online Valentine's day and Qixi Valentine's day.

The difference between Valentine's day and Valentine's Day

1. The difference between source and culture. The Chinese Valentine's Day tells the love story of Cowherd and weaver girl, reflects the Historical Society of farming civilization at that time, and embodies the culture of advocating nature; while the Western Valentine's Day reflects the belief in Christianity and the return of human nature after the Renaissance. The Western Valentine's Day embodies the western humanism, and the Chinese Valentine's Day embodies the ancient feudal tradition.

2. The participation of characters is different. Tanabata is mainly a festival for unmarried women. Every year, the ancient women of Tanabata will carry out begging activities, worship and make handicrafts. Single girls will also pray for marriage on this day. In the west, Valentine's Day is a couple's day. Men give flowers and chocolates to women.

3. Psychological differences. Valentine's Day martyrdom legend in the west is known as the marriage of lovers, and Tanabata is a love story of all sides. It is only on Tanabata that we get together. Until now, lovers from other places or couples far away are compared to Cowherd and weaver girl.

The warmest Valentine's day love talk in 2019

1. You should treat me as a bully! Anyway, you have to accompany me all day on the month of this year, give me back the time you usually owe me, and then say to me, Happy Valentine's Day!

2. I would like to turn into the moonlight like water, for your affectionate flow, every night, I will shed the light of love. May my gentle gaze drive away the cold for you and leave the warmth in your heart. Happy Valentine's Day!

3. Give me a pair of hands, let you rely on, just like a butterfly flying in the sea, give me a moment, love you, just like a Epiphyllum blooming, give me a lifetime, never leave, just like a rock indestructible. It's green valentine's day. Let my mind fly into your heart.

4. Just met, we are parallel, as if you are on the other end of the seesaw, I am on the other end. Seesaw is very stable. I feel more and more for you. One day you will slide to me from that end and accompany me forever.

5. I really hope to be with you again, I don't know how far we can go together, but I know the final result is that I love you till the end of my life, whether we are still together or not.

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6. One look back, one glance, one fell in love at first sight; one oath, a vow, a sincere cohesion; a wisp of green silk, winding you and me, white head concentric; a true love, sentimental, destined to be true. Valentine's Day is coming. May our hearts and minds meet and grow old!

7. They miss each other when they can't meet. But once they can meet and walk together, they will torture each other.

8. This will be the second Valentine's day with you. With your company, life has a color. Although the days are very dull everyday, I can feel your care and love for me. In this special festival, I want to say to you: happy husband, happy holiday - wish our happiness go further and further.

9. Valentine's day can't be spent together, can't give you the rose that should belong to you, but I will use my love for you to water the red rose, waiting for you to take it!

10. There are a thousand tastes to miss you a thousand times, and ten thousand reasons to love you a thousand years. Reading your name lightly is like reading the most beautiful poem, and missing you is the most fascinating wine to taste. Happy Valentine's Day!