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How to train a pet dog to go to the toilet? Precautions for training pet dog to go to toilet

Dog everywhere defecate, it is really a headache for dog family. If you urinate anywhere, it will not only be bad for the pet's own health, but also make the family look smelly and messy. So for dog owners, how to train the dog to go to the toilet is a very important thing.

Here, I sum up some experience and hope to provide you with some reference.

The best age to train a dog to go to the toilet is two to four months. Older dogs need more time to train.

If you want to change your dog's habit of defecating everywhere and let him go to the toilet at a fixed point, you need to carefully observe the dog's behavior, and then guide him with patience.

1、 How to train adult dogs:

Toby pyrene is an abandoned dog. He didn't come to our house until he was about two years old. Because of work, I can take it out to defecate before I go to work in the morning and after work in the evening. Toppyrene never pees at home, unless we go home too late, it can't hold back.

In order to solve its internal emergency and make it defecate at a designated place, I specially bought a dog toilet, a urine inducing agent and learned the training methods. When it sends out the signal of wanting to urinate, take it to the dog toilet sprayed with the urine inducer, press down its head, let it smell the urine inducer, and make it produce the micturition reaction. At first, the effect was not good. I was often tired of squatting. He still didn't pee in the dog toilet.

As the so-called "master leads in, cultivation depends on individual". I am afraid that the urine inducing agent is not suitable, and I have changed several pure natural products, but the tuopyrene just goes away after hearing it, and there is no response. Therefore, I began to observe carefully the habit and characteristics of tuopyrene in urination and defecation, and created the same atmosphere in the dog toilet.

I found that toppyrene likes to sniff on the grass where it has peed and where other dogs have peed before pressing on a bubble. After noticing this feature, I think its urine has characteristics and body odor. Bensheng is the best inducer, so I will take care of it. After absorbing its urine with a towel, I will dry it in the sun, and then place it in the compartment of the dog toilet. At the same time, I deliberately delay the time when I go out to pee with tropine. When I see the signal that it wants to pee, I point to the dog toilet and say to it: "pee, pee, pee here.". "It's such a simple and repeated language, accompanied by action signals. After several times, tuopyrene understood. It's convenient to be in the dog toilet. 'smart and good!' I quickly praised it, touched its head and rewarded it with snacks.

We should pay attention to strengthening memory after the initial effect. Towels soaked with urine should still be placed in the compartment of the dog toilet. When I found that there was new urine in the dog toilet, I picked up tuopyrene, pointed to it and stroked it while peeing. I also praised it as "smart and lovely" and rewarded it with snacks. In this way, it can understand that every time it urinates in this way, it will be praised and rewarded.

Later, I removed the towel from the dog toilet. Just say "pee" and flick my finger, tuopyrene will understand. Later, with the same password and gesture, point to the floor drain in the bathroom and the dog cage, and toepyrene can also "have a sharp heart", and fix the internal emergency, so as to avoid the pain of taking it outdoors in the cold night.

The dog's IQ and EQ are both very high, especially intelligent and spiritual. It will be happy because it is recognized by the owner, and will also vote for the owner's good and repeat the praised actions. The master is giving the dog a command, which needs simple language, gentle and firm tone. If he speaks a long string, the tone will be high and low, the dog will be confused and confused.

2、 How to train a poodle:

After topine gave birth to the pup, the pup had little urine. We laid newspapers collecting urine and defecation at the place where the pup went to excrete, and induced them to find it by themselves. Usually, when the little suckling dog smells the urine in the newspaper, it sniffs it carefully and pees on it. If you can't run away and pee, hold them back and let them smell until you are used to 'patronizing' them in the newspaper. Similarly, when they have finished urinating in the newspaper, they should feel them and be rewarded. But when they urinate in other places, they should wait for them to urinate, hold them to the wrong place, point to urinate, and scold them severely and succinctly: "no urination", "no urination", and point to the newspaper and say softly: "urinate here", "urinate".

When they are used to urinating in the newspaper, they usually urinate when they see the newspaper conditionally, no matter whether there is urine in the newspaper or not. At this time, you can move the newspaper step by step to the bathroom, and slowly fold the area of the small newspaper. Finally, even if the newspaper is no longer laid, the dog will urinate in the bathroom.

3、 Precautions:

In fact, dogs are very hygienic. They do not urinate in or around their kennels, unless they are afraid of being robbed by other dogs and want to occupy the territory, or have other reasons as a last resort.

When the dog is peeing at home, don't interrupt it, scold, scold and frighten them, otherwise, they will mistakenly think that "pee is a mistake". Some dogs who are forced to hold back their urine will suffer from diseases. In addition, the effect of beating is very weak or even ineffective, which will gradually alienate dogs from people and cause psychological obstacles. Even dogs are afraid of being beaten after defecation, and eating defecation is not good for their health.

The adult male dog is different from the female dog. It must have a vertical reference to urinate. After collecting urine, it can be stained on the column of the dog toilet to guide the male dog conveniently.

Some places that are urinated, such as the floor and the edge of the bed, should use deodorant in time, or use 'disinfectant powder' to make disinfectant to eliminate the smell of urine.

It's said that dogs are smart and have IQ comparable to that of children. Dogs should be trained and guided as children. Just as the so-called "no rules don't make a circle", dear excrement officers, with simple instructions and clear gestures, cross the language barrier with dogs, cultivate them to understand the rules, form good habits, and become a cute treasure for people to love and flowers to bloom!