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When is the spring of 2019? What are the traditional customs of spring

Spring, the first of the 24 solar terms, is also one of the important traditional festivals of the Han people. So when will spring start in 2019? What are the traditional customs of spring? Let's have a look.

The origin of spring

The beginning of spring is divided from astronomy. The time of arrival is from February 3 to 5 in the Gregorian calendar (around the first day of the first lunar month), and the sun reaches the Yellow longitude 315 & deg; H. The ancient book "qunfangpu" explains the beginning of spring as follows: "the beginning of spring is the beginning of spring.". Spring is the beginning of the establishment. During the beginning of spring, the temperature, sunshine and rainfall began to rise and increase. Spring is not only the first solar term in the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar, but also a time point or a time period. After the beginning of spring, it means the end of winter and the beginning of spring in the new year.

In Chinese tradition, the first 15 days of spring are divided into three periods:

When the east wind thaws, the earth begins to thaw

The second time the sting starts to vibrate: five days after the beginning of spring, the dormant insects slowly wake up in the cave,

Three days later, the ice in the river began to melt, and the fish began to swim on the water surface. At this time, there were still pieces of ice that were not completely dissolved on the water surface, floating on the water surface as if they were carried by the fish.

Spring custom

As a festival, Spring Festival has existed as early as spring and autumn. China has been an agricultural country since ancient times. Spring is the key to spring planting and autumn harvest. There is a saying in the folk saying that spring is the plan of a year. The old custom of Spring Festival is not only an ancient solar term, but also a major festival. But now, people still keep different customs of Spring Festival sacrifice.

1. Winter jasmine

Welcome spring is an important activity of spring. You must prepare in advance and perform rehearsal, commonly known as performance spring. The Spring Festival is held the day before the beginning of spring, with the purpose of bringing back spring and Jumang God. Set up a spring official in the spring to announce the beginning of spring. Then sacrifice to the God of awn, which is the God of spring, that is, the God of plants and life. In ancient times, after sacrificing to the God of mans, the prefecture and county officials cultivated symbolically and beat spring cattle, which represented that the people could cultivate.

2. Spring outing (spring exploration, parade)

Spring outing is a popular folk sacrifice parade. First, the newspapermen dressed as roosters walk in front of the team. A group of people carry the image of a huge spring cow. Other people dressed as shepherd boy leading the cow, big head doll sending spring peaches and other symbols of spring. After this spring outing, it's a signal that you can start your outing. It's a good time for spring outing until Dragon Boat Festival.

3, biting spring

The food in the north is pancakes, while in the south, spring rolls are popular. Eating pancakes and spring rolls is people's good wishes for "spring is the plan of the year". It is worth mentioning that on the spring day, another kind of food for Chinese folk to "bite the spring" is radish. A common saying is that it can solve the problem of spring. In fact, its significance is not limited to this, in addition to solving difficulties, radish can also solve alcohol, ventilation, nutrition, fitness, disease and other effects.

4, spring

It is also called "whip spring cattle" and "whip local cattle". It originated earlier. This way reflects people's good expectation for a good harvest. Because, when the spring cattle are being molded, they often need to put grains in their stomachs. When the cattle are broken, the grains flow out. People laughed and picked up grains and put them back in their warehouses, indicating that they were full of grain. Some rural areas still have the custom of "whip spring cattle".

The spring of 2019 is on February 4, which is also the new year's eve of 2019. Both of these festivals mean the new year's new year. Therefore, on the Spring Festival of 2019, we can also welcome the good fortune of the year with the joy of the Spring Festival.

Paste the couplet

It is a long-standing custom for Chinese people to paste the word "Fu" in the Spring Festival. The word "Fu" refers to good fortune and good fortune, which places people's yearning for a happy life and wishes for a better future. In order to fully reflect this yearning and wish, people will paste all kinds of "Fu" words on the door, wall and lintel. Some people simply paste the word "Fu" upside down to indicate that "happiness has arrived" and "blessing has arrived". There are also folk fine depictions of the word "Fu" into various patterns, such as longevity star, longevity peach, carp leaping dragon's gate, five grain Fengdeng, dragon and Phoenix, etc.

Ancestor worship

Ancestor worship is also an important blessing activity in the Spring Festival. There are different forms of ancestor worship. Some of them go to the field to pay homage to their ancestors, and some go to the ancestral hall to pay homage to their ancestors. Most people place the ancestral tablet in the ancestral house or the main hall of the house, display the offerings, and then the worshipers worship in the order of elders and children. The Han people worship their ancestors, mostly making fish, meat, dishes, and serving high bowls, which also means that Zhong Ming is the best food. We also have to pay homage to the ancestral hall in the new year. We hope that we can get the protection of our ancestors in the new year and the prosperity of our homes in the coming year. We also rely on people's mourning for their dead relatives.

Offering sacrifices to pray for blessing

People regard spring as the beginning of a year's cultivation. The activity of sacrificing to the God of spring is to pray for good weather and good harvest. Now there are also various kinds of ritual activities in different customs around the people, such as beating spring cattle and offering sacrifices to the God of mans. In addition to these large-scale activities, individuals can also go to temples to pray for incense and good fortune in the new year.