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Do you need sun protection in winter? What are the ways to protect yourself from sun in winter

In summer, the sun is poisonous and hot. We all know that we need sunscreen. In winter, because the sun is soft, and we can't even see the sun, we don't think it's necessary to sunscreen. In fact, this idea is wrong. In winter, ultraviolet rays will also damage the skin and accelerate skin aging, so sunscreen is still needed in winter. So how to protect yourself from the sun in winter?

Sunscreen method 1 in winter: suitable sunscreen products

In summer, sister paper is used to use sunscreen to prevent sunscreen. In winter, sunscreen or sunscreen foundation is needed. However, compared with sunscreen, sunscreen has limited foundation function, so it is recommended to use sunscreen directly for better sunscreen effect.

Sun protection method 2 in winter: eyes and lips should be protected from sun

Even people who often sun block may miss the eyes and lips, and even feel that the eyes and lips do not need sun block. However, the eyes are the place where the age is most easily highlighted, so don't ignore them. You can use lighter make-up products to protect against sun.

Sunscreen method 3 in winter: indoor sunscreen is very important

Many people think that when we stay indoors, our skin will not be hurt by ultraviolet rays. In fact, the walls and windows around us will reflect, plus the radiation from computers and mobile phones, so it is still hard to escape the control of ultraviolet rays indoors. We also need to apply sunscreen indoors.

Sunscreen method 4 in winter: pay attention to apply sunscreen

The efficacy of sunscreen is time-effective. After a few hours, you can apply sunscreen. If you think your skin is dry, you can apply a layer of moisturizer, and then apply it again. Remember to use padding when making up, of course, if you can carry a sunscreen with you.

Sunscreen method 5 in winter: repair at night

During the day, the skin will be stimulated by the surrounding environment. In the evening, it is the best period for skin repair. Before going to bed, you can use the essence and night cream that has the function of repairing to protect the skin, which helps to improve the condition of the skin.