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Why don't air conditioners heat in winter? These are the reasons why the air conditioner doesn't hea

In the south where there is no heating, the air conditioning in summer is also useful in winter. Chongqing can't live without air conditioning in winter. But we often find that in winter, the air conditioner doesn't make heat. What should we do? Let's look at several reasons why the air conditioner doesn't make heat. How to solve.

1. The air conditioner is in defrosting operation

Sometimes the heating of the air conditioner will stop for a while, or it may be caused by the defrosting of the air conditioner. Because the air conditioner frosts due to heat exchange when it is heating, the air conditioner will defrost automatically after working for a period of time. At this time, the internal unit will not continue to supply air, so the air conditioner will shut down, but after defrosting, the air conditioner will resume heating.

2. There is a lot of dust on the filter screen

As the air conditioner has not been used for many months, the dust adsorbed on the filter screen blocks the air outlet, resulting in a small air volume of the air conditioner, so it feels that the heating effect of the air conditioner is poor. Before opening the air conditioner, clean the filter screen to remove the dust on it.

3. Air guide plate of air conditioner is upward

In fact, in winter, the air conditioner occasionally appears some situations, which will make you mistakenly think that it is faulty, but in fact, it is normal. When heating, if the air guide plate of the air conditioner is upward, the hot air will float in the upper part of the room, and people will feel that the room is warm slowly. Therefore, the air guide plate should be down, let the hot air blow down, so that the room is warm quickly.

4. Check valve and four-way valve failure

Now many air conditioners are heat pump type, and the check valve is used to switch the refrigerant cycle. If the check valve fails, the resistance of the refrigeration system will be reduced, so that the air conditioner condenser can not get heat, and there will be insufficient heating. The four-way valve will also reduce the heating function. Replace the check valve or four-way valve.