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What is the most dangerous fruit in the world? Iron watermelon is the most dangerous

Fruit is the most common food around us. It provides rich vitamins and vitamins for the human body. Fruit has also become a synonym for health and health preservation, and is an indispensable treasure in our daily life. However, there are also some ferocious fruits. For example, do you know what is the most dangerous fruit in the world?

The most dangerous fruit in the world: Iron watermelon

Iron watermelon: the most dangerous fruit in the world

Crescentia cujete L. is an evergreen small tree of Cucurbitaceae, which is 5-18m high. It is a typical tropical rainforest 'old stemmed flower' plant. Its flowers and fruits are solitary on twigs or old stems. Its corolla is bell shaped, light green and yellow, with brown veins, blooming in spring and summer.

Some people may think that iron watermelon is a kind of watermelon, but actually iron watermelon is not a watermelon. It grows on the bomb tree, but the fruit looks like a watermelon. But iron watermelon is inedible and very dangerous. Because iron watermelon can explode at any time, and the killing power is very strong.

The most dangerous fruit in the world: Iron watermelon

As long as the fruits on the trees are not poisonous, most of them are delicious. But iron watermelon is not so easy to eat.

First of all, iron watermelon can't be eaten at all. On the other hand, iron watermelon will explode, and its power is very powerful, so people dare not approach it easily.

Iron watermelon is very hard. When the fruit is ripe, it will burst automatically, and sharp fragments will fly everywhere. The power of iron watermelon explosion is like a small grenade, which is very powerful. Some shell fragments can even fly more than 20 meters. Dead birds are often found nearby after an explosion.

The most dangerous fruit in the world: Iron watermelon

And the iron watermelon tree also has a very magical place, that is, the juice secreted can be used as automobile fuel directly. As long as the local Indians drill holes in the trees, they can collect 15-20 liters of juice from each tree. And that's why iron watermelon exploded.

According to scientists' analysis, the juice contains a lot of hydrocarbons. If someone approached these trees with a torch, they would really become a bomb. There are many flowers in summer and a few in autumn. The calyx is in the shape of a flame, and the color of the flowers is light green. The fruit is very hard, much harder than coconut.

When the fruit is ripe, local people avoid walking under the trees for fear of being shot. A staff member of Qingxiushan scenic spot said that iron watermelon in Nanning is pollinated by bees, and it is not easy to blossom and bear fruit. The largest iron watermelon in Qingxiushan has a diameter of 16 cm. It has been bearing fruit since September. It takes about 4 months for the fruit to fall off naturally from the tree.

This kind of bomb tree was discovered by a French botanist in the forest of South America in 1775, and then it was widely planted after transplantation. It belongs to the species of mulleinidae. It has the characteristics of flowering, flower fragrance and long-lasting fruit. At the same time, it belongs to a very rare kind of plant, which is loved by everyone. But it's better not to get close because of the danger.

Morphological characteristics of iron watermelon

A 6-meter-tall tree is covered with watermelon like fruits, attracting many tourists to stop and watch. This kind of strange fruit has a diameter of more than 20 cm, which is very like a large green watermelon hanging on the tree trunk, which makes the visitors marvel. This is a newly exhibited gourd tree in the botanical garden, also known as iron watermelon. Because of the full fruit period, the fruit hanging upside down on the branch looks like a shell falling from the sky. People also call it "shell fruit". Iron watermelon is a famous tropical fruit watching plant. Its fruit viewing period can be as long as 6-7 months. The appearance of the fruit is green and bright. Tourists have seen the iron watermelon, saying it is very strange. It makes people salivate and greedy. They really want to reach out and take it off, break it off and put it into their mouth. It must taste good. However, 'iron watermelon' is only good-looking and inedible. It has hard peel, thick pulp, peculiar smell and poor taste. It is mainly used for garden viewing