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What about the gas leak at home? Emergency treatment for gas leakage

There are many families in life because of gas leakage, and there is an explosion phenomenon. By the end of the year, we should pay more attention to safety, so what should we do about the gas leakage at home? What should we do at the first time?

If there is a pungent smell in the kitchen or at home, it is likely to be the gas leakage at home. When finding the gas leakage, first keep calm and don't panic. First let other people evacuate and don't run to turn off the valve immediately, because the clothes on your body (especially in winter) may cause sparks due to static electricity. You should hold your breath for a while, walk calmly and smoothly, turn off the valve

Do not turn on the fan or exhaust fan immediately, because there will be electric spark at the moment of switch, which is very dangerous, because it will cause explosion, so it is necessary to open the doors and windows to let them ventilate naturally

Do not turn on or turn off the switches of all kinds of electrical equipment. For example, if you are watching TV at home, do not turn off the TV immediately. Do not unplug or plug in the plug. If you have a refrigerator at home, it is quite dangerous. You should go outside and turn off the main switch immediately

Do not use the phone, because the microphone of the phone will generate high voltage inside the phone when it is picked up or put down

Do not wear or take off clothes, such as sweaters or cotton padded clothes, especially nylon clothes. Taking off nylon clothes will generate a huge power supply, which is likely to explode

If it is found that there is no leakage at the valve, the joints should be checked with soapy water. If there is any bubble in the leakage, it should be handled immediately or the professional personnel should be invited to the site for repair

The evaluation density of gas is 1.5 times that of air, so after gas leakage, it usually accumulates in low-lying areas, which is not easy to flow away. It can be driven out of the room with large paper or broom by sweeping the floor.