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Can employees retire in advance? How to calculate early retirement pension

We know that there are clear regulations on the retirement time of employees in our country, so they usually want to retire when they reach the retirement age. But there are other situations, that is, if some conditions are met, early retirement is also possible. How to calculate the early retirement pension? This is a brief introduction.

1、 How to calculate the early retirement pension

There are several factors to calculate retirement pension. 1. Payment base, 2. Payment period, 3. Personal account fund, 4. Local average wage value of last year, etc. can only be calculated by mutual conversion. How much money there is in personal account can't be calculated,

In addition, if you retire one year ahead of schedule, you will deduct 2% and 4% in two years, and so on, to convert your retirement pension (that is, you can receive 100% of your retirement pension when you retire at 60 years old, and if you retire five years ahead of schedule, you will deduct 10% and calculate your retirement pension at 90%)

2、 Pension

It is a part of the service remuneration paid to employees once or in installments after retirement. The retirement measures formulated by the enterprise should be conducive to improving the labor enthusiasm of the employees, making them dependent on their old age, and benefiting the stability of the society and the improvement of the efficiency of the enterprise.

The above content is the relevant answer. The calculation methods of early retirement pension and normal retirement pension are not necessarily. Early retirement also needs to pay enough pension insurance, which can only be enjoyed when retiring. When calculating, it needs to be determined according to the time paid and the base number.