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How about the service charge for collection of merchants? Calculation method of Huabei collection se

Huabei has introduced many new functions in recent years, which make more people can participate in the use. In 2018, Huabei launched a new collection function. After opening the collection code, it can collect money by scanning the code. Now many people have opened it. Then, how much is the service charge for Huabei collection? Xiaobian will show you how much is the service charge for Huabei collection.

Service charge of Huabei collection in 2019

Hua Bai is a consumer loan platform used by Alipay. It is mainly used online, and there are only a few parts under the current line. Its main function is to consume first and then repay. According to Xiaobian, the amount of Huabei will be increased according to our personal consumption habits and credit. We must ensure good consumption repayment habits when using it.

Now, if you want to open up the function of collecting money, you just need to search for business services on Alipay's home page - click on the business tool - choose the 'pay code', you can open it, you may need to provide identity voucher, and you can open it in about 3 working days. Huabei collection service fee standard: each transaction will be charged at 0.8% of the transaction amount.

According to the above charging standard, if you charge 5000 yuan, the service fee is 40 yuan, which is relatively high. It's suitable for small business partners. If you think the service fee is too high, you can choose to close it at any time. The service fee is estimated to avoid other people's use of money to cash out. At present, there are two ways to collect money: to spend money, to collect money by credit card.

Here, I want to remind you that the merchants who have already opened the business of paying and collecting money can also operate and close the function on the relevant page. But after closing the flowers and collecting money, it is likely to be rejected if it wants to be opened again. The system will generally assess the overall situation of Alipay account. It is suggested that merchants who spend money to spend money be careful to close the function.