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In 2019, three types of people can make up for endowment insurance! Come and see if you're there

As a social security system, social security is closely related to our life. The enjoyment of many welfare benefits is related to the continuity of social security payment and payment period. We have always stressed the importance of continuity of social security before. After breaking the payment, it is necessary to make up the payment, but obviously it is not so easy. In 2019, three types of people can make up for endowment insurance! Come and see if you're there?

01 conditions for retirement and pension and conditions for supplementary payment of social security

The following two conditions are to be met in order to receive a monthly pension for retirement:

(1) The current retirement age for those who have reached the retirement conditions stipulated by the state and gone through the relevant formalities is' 60 for men, 50 for women workers and 55 for women cadres';

(2) The accumulative payment period of basic endowment insurance premium paid according to regulations is more than 15 years.

However, when many people leave their jobs and change their urban life, the social security payment will be cut off, and the payment period will be insufficient. If the social security payment cut off exceeds a certain period of time, it is necessary to pay overdue fine and interest to make up the payment. According to the current regulations:

The overdue social insurance premium of the company shall be charged with an overdue fine of 0.05% every day from the date of overdue payment to the day before the successful application of the employer for supplementary payment.

Calculation formula of overdue fine:

Social insurance fee payable per month

Of course, in the actual implementation, the overdue fine is generally collected for the failure of the insured units to pay on time, and the individual insured generally does not collect the overdue fine. However, if the individual insured person owes the fee across the year, it must pay the overdue fine.

02 difficulty of one-time supplementary payment increased

From next year, only these three categories of people will be able to make up one-time payment

Many people consider making up one-time payment before retirement, but it is obvious that the new national social security policy increases the difficulty of making up one-time payment:

Residents who have reached the age of 60 after January 1, 2019, and have not participated in the insurance payment, will no longer be granted the living allowance for the elderly;

Residents who have reached the age of 45 but not the age of 60, and have not participated in the insurance payment, are no longer allowed to pay the pension insurance for 15 years in one lump sum, that is, before the age of 45, there must be a social security payment record, otherwise, it is not allowed to pay the pension in one lump sum.

It is worth mentioning that these three categories of people can still make up for social security once under the new social security regulations:

Educated youth with local household registration who went to the countryside from 1961 to 1982;

Local registered permanent residence, old-age personnel who have participated in employee pension insurance;

The registered permanent residence of the local town has established labor relations with state-owned enterprises or county-level and town level collective enterprises, and has reached the retirement age before December 31, 2010.

However, from January 1, 2019, the social security fee will be collected by the tax department, which means that in the future, the enterprise will pay social security according to the actual wage standard of the employees, so as to improve the social security level of the employees, which also means that the supplementary payment of social security will be more and more strict. Therefore, in the near future, many people want to seize the opportunity to make up for social security, resulting in overcrowding in many social security bureaus.

03 supplementary payment method of social security

In fact, for different payment groups, the way to pay social security is not the same. There are mainly two types of people: those with work units and those with flexible employment. Let's tackle them one by one:

(1) Self employment: as for freelancers, the popular point is' groups without work units', they can be insured in a flexible way, and they need to go to the social security department where the household registration is located to handle the social security registration procedures.

(2) Unit payment: how to make up for the social insurance paid by the unit's employees in 2019? In fact, we can refer to the new policy of social insurance paid by the employees in 2019. That is to say, after the termination of the labor relationship between the employees and the employer, they can continue to participate in the insurance as individuals.

04 one time supplementary payment policy will be cancelled

How to get pension when payment is less than 15 years?

Whether it is cost-effective to make up one-time social security payment depends on the life length of the insured. In short, the longer you live, the more pension you will receive, and the more cost-effective you will be in paying social security.

Speaking of this, you may have a question: the one-time social security policy is about to be cancelled. For those who are over 45 and have not paid social security, or have paid social security for several years, but have not paid for 15 years when they retire at the age of 60, what should they do?

On this issue, the state has also given a solution. Although the one-time payment of social security will be cancelled soon, it does not mean that the payment cannot be continued after 60 years old.

If the social security is not paid for 15 years by the age of 60, there are generally two ways to deal with it:

First, withdraw the pension insurance and the balance of individual pension account;

Second, continue to pay, pay enough for 15 years before starting to receive endowment insurance.

As for which method to adopt, you can decide according to your own situation.