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How to deal with tax registration certificate of branch company? List of procedures for tax registra

many netizens are asking that individuals already have a company, and now they want to register another branch, how to handle the branch tax registration certificate? Branch tax registration certificate processing process at a glance.

i. process of tax registration certificate:

1. First, apply for the business license for Industry and commerce, then take the duplicate and copy of the business license, the owner's ID card and copy, the organization code card, the company's articles of association, the registered capital assessment report, the house property right certificate or the house lease contract, and go to the tax bureau for tax registration.

2. Fill in the tax registration application form, and pay the cost of registration certificate (some areas are exempted). If it is a service industry, construction industry, catering industry and other business households that pay business tax, they should go to the local tax bureau for handling; if it is a business household that pays value-added tax, they should go to the State Tax Bureau for handling

3. The taxpayer shall, within 30 days from the date of receiving the business license, report to the tax authorities for tax record.

4. Those who fail to do so will be fined. According to the tax law, they will be fined less than 2000 yuan. So go ahead as soon as possible.

5. After handling the tax registration, take the initiative to contact the tax management personnel.

2、 To apply for the tax registration certificate, the following materials are required:

1. One original and one copy of business license.

2. If the individual industrial and commercial households need to open a basic account in the bank and have handled the organization code certificate in the technical supervision and Administration Bureau, they must provide it.

3. The original and one copy of the person in charge's identity documents (such as ID card, household register, passport, etc.).

4. One original and one copy of business site certificate (such as real estate certificate, lease contract or pre-sale house invoice, homestead use certificate, property owner certificate, etc.); and tax registration form (the form will be provided by the tax bureau).

Now it's the combination of three certificates. After going through the industrial and commercial registration, you don't need to go through the tax registration. Need to take the notice of industrial and commercial registration to the tax bureau (national tax, local tax) to verify the tax type.

Extended data:

1. The so-called "three certificates in one" is to combine the industrial and commercial business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate applied by the enterprise in turn into one certificate, so as to improve the efficiency of market access; on this basis, the "one according to one code" is to further realize the business of loading unified social credit code by one department through "one acceptance, parallel examination and approval, information sharing and mutual recognition of results" License.

2. On September 22, the national teleconference was held in Beijing. Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, made important instructions.

3. It is pointed out in the instructions that accelerating the reform of the registration system of "three certificates in one, one license and one code" is a move to deepen the reform of the commercial system, to comply with the expectations of the masses for starting a business, to innovate the administrative management of the government, to benefit the people, the enterprises and the country, and is of great significance for stimulating the internal vitality of the market and adding new impetus to economic development.