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Can you wear contact lenses when eating hot pot? How to eat hot pot with contact lenses

Contact lenses are a kind of glasses that many people are using. They are easy to use, small and beautiful, and they are popular and loved by everyone. But can they be worn when eating hotpot? What's the harm of wearing contact lenses when eating hotpot?

Can I have hot pot with contact lenses

1. You can eat hot pot with contact lenses

When eating hot pot, the steam temperature can't make the contact lenses melt, and once encountering a foreign body, the eyelid will be closed immediately to protect the eyeball. So you can eat hot pot with contact lenses.

2. Hot pot won't melt contact lenses

The main raw material of contact lenses is silica gel. The melting point of contact lenses is generally 160 ℃. Even if the lenses are smoked by steam when eating hot pot, the contact lenses will not melt, but it may dehydrate the contact lenses and cause eye discomfort.

3. Eat hot pot and wear less contact lenses

Although wearing contact lenses can eat hot pot, it will cause eye discomfort under high temperature steam, and often wearing contact lenses will increase the probability of eye microbial infection, which may cause inflammation. Therefore, you should wear less contact lenses and eat hotpot.

How to eat hot pot with contact lenses

1. Keep close to the hot pot to avoid oil soup splashing into eyes and causing discomfort;

2. Sit in the leeward place to prevent the eyes from being smoked by hot air;

3. Hot pot steam is easy to dehydrate and dry contact lenses, and eye moistening liquid should be taken at any time to prevent eye dryness.

What to pay attention to when wearing contact lenses

1. Don't wear it too long every day

The length of wearing contact lenses every day depends on the condition of the cornea. However, it is not recommended to wear contact lenses for more than 12 hours every day, 5-6 days per week. If you wear beautiful pupils, you should be more careful. Do not wear them for more than 10 hours every day. It is better to use them again every other day.

2. Don't buy online

Experts remind that in order to be cheap and convenient, many young people often go online to buy beautiful pupils from unknown sources, without the check of relevant health institutions, which may have risks. It is suggested that famous brands should be purchased with more security.

3. Self detection and discoloration

If you want to determine whether the beauty pupil will fade, people can test it with artificial tears or makeup remover by themselves. Soak the color changing film in artificial tears or makeup remover for 8-10 hours, and then wipe the lens with cotton stick. Experts said that through the test of artificial tears is the basic standard, more advanced use of makeup remover test, normal situation should not fade, if it is found that fade should be stopped immediately.

4. The soaking box is often replaced

Contact lens cleaning is very important, experts said that if you can choose the best day throwing type, if you use the week throwing or long wearing type, in addition to washing 5-10 times with disinfectant, the soaking box is also recommended to be replaced frequently, so as not to use the box too long to contain dirt.

5. Red eyes should be treated

Contact lens family if the eye red to be careful, may be a sign of corneal infection or bacterial infection, it is recommended that we should hurry to see a doctor, so as not to cause deterioration of the condition.

6. Usage habits are important

If it is appropriate to wear contact lenses, for example, it is often used alternately with ordinary glasses, and the cleaning method is correct, in fact, it will not cause damage to the cornea, from young to old. However, if the use habits are not good, such as wearing for a long time, or not paying attention to cleaning, it may lead to serious corneal hypoxia, and may not be able to wear contact lenses immediately.

7. Be careful when shifting frequently

Experts said that many people often blink the beautiful pupil will shift, to be careful whether it is caused by discoloration of the discoloration film, because long-term use of discoloration film will cause eye allergy, eye itching, more secretion, long follicles in the eyelid, so it is easy to make the discoloration film shift, if you wear it continuously, it may cause corneal ulceration due to frequent friction of the cornea.

8. Go to the eye first

No matter wearing contact lenses or beautiful pupils, it is recommended to go to the ophthalmology department for consultation first to determine whether they are suitable for wearing and degree, etc. in addition, it is also recommended that contact lens family should go to the ophthalmology department for relevant examination every six months to one year to determine the condition of cornea so as to adjust the wearing habits.

What to do if the eyes are uncomfortable when eating hot pot with contact lenses

1. If eyes are not in time when eating hot pot with contact lenses, take out contact lenses immediately and correctly, moisten eyes with eye protection liquid, and keep eyes closed and rest.

2. If oil soup splashes into eyes, do not rub eyes to avoid corneal damage. After taking out the contact lens, clean the eyes with normal saline or water. If the discomfort is not relieved, the eyes turn red or there is much secretion, eye drops can be used.

3. If the situation is serious, it is suggested to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time to prevent infection.