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What tea do you drink to warm up in winter? What kinds of tea are suitable for drinking in winter

It's very cold in winter. It's very warm to drink a cup of hot tea at this time. What kind of tea is warm in winter? What kind of tea is suitable for drinking in winter? If you want to choose a good tea that can warm you, let's have a look with Xiaobian.

What tea do you drink to warm up in winter

The winter solstice is the longest night of the year. According to the concept of Taiji diagram in traditional Chinese medicine, the Yin Qi of the winter solstice is the most important of the 24 solar terms. After this day, nature will "raise the sun and lower the Yin". However, it is still in the state of "weak Yang". We should pay attention to keeping warm and basking in the sun to increase the Yang Qi.

Professionals provide you with two kinds of health care tea products, which can warm your heart and stomach in cold December. For people with deficiency of Qi and blood, or those who are prone to cold, upper respiratory tract infection and allergic rhinitis, a cup of YUPINGFENGSAN tea can help us increase our immune system and prevent colds; while Suanzaoren wolfberry sleeping tea can nourish the liver, invigorate the kidney, brighten the eyes and calm the nerves, and warm clothes before sleeping can help us sleep.

Yuping Fengsan tea

Materials: Fangfeng 2 Qian, Huangqi 1 Qian, Baizhu 4 Qian, jujube proper amount, water 1500cc


1. After the medicine is washed, put it into the Chinese medicine bag and bind it.

2. Boil the boiling water, put the Chinese medicine bag in, and cook for about 15 minutes.

YUPINGFENGSAN is a famous traditional Chinese medicine prescription. It was created by weiyilin, a doctor in Yuan Dynasty. It has the following advantages: 1 Liang (15g) of Fangfeng, 2 liang (30g) of Huangqi, and 2 liang (30g) of Baizhu. It can collect sweat and firm the surface. It is also a good prescription for the weak to prevent infectious diseases such as cold. The research also shows that Yupingfeng powder has the effect of regulating human immunity, has the reputation of "gamma globulin" in Chinese patent medicine, and is widely used in modern clinical diseases such as internal, external, women, children and so on.

Suanzaoren medlar sleeping tea

Materials: Chinese wolfberry 5g, Suanzaoren 3G, liquorice 3G, Fumai 9g, jujube 3G, water 1500cc


1. Wash the medicine and soak in water for 3 minutes to soften.

2. Boil a pot of 500cc hot water and add herbs after boiling.

3. Boil for about 15 minutes and then drink.

Zizyphus spinosa and wolfberry tea is a drink with Zizyphus spinosa, wolfberry and liquorice as the main ingredients.

The fruit of Zizyphus spinosus is sour, while the kernel is sweet. It can nourish the liver and gall, and revive the spleen. Ripe is fragrant, fragrance into the spleen, so can return to the spleen. It can nourish the gall, so it can warm the gall. Mother and son are interlinked, so they are also worried and restless. The spleen deficiency is caused by the cold and hot heart, the accumulation of pathogenic Qi, and the pain and dampness of the limbs. Therefore, the spleen dominates the limbs. Gall is the first of all viscera. The eleven viscera are all determined by gall. The essence and Qi of the five viscera are all innate in the spleen. Therefore, taking it for a long time can ensure the function of the five viscera.

Lycium barbarum fruit is rich in Lycium barbarum polysaccharide. Lycium barbarum polysaccharide is a kind of water-soluble polysaccharide, which is composed of six monosaccharides, arabinose, glucose, galactose, mannose, xylose and rhamnose. It has physiological activity, can enhance non-specific immune function, improve disease resistance, inhibit tumor growth and cell mutation.