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What are the disadvantages of holding urine? Adverse effect of suffocating urine on human body

In our daily life, it is inevitable that we will encounter the situation of suffocating urine, such as being unable to find the toilet, in the exam, on the bus, etc. when we go out, sometimes we can hold the urine for several hours. But you should know that holding urine is very harmful to our health. Today Xiaobian will tell you about the adverse effects of suffocation on human body.

1. Urinary tract infection

Urine is a metabolite of human body, which contains a lot of bacteria, but the mucosa inside the bladder has antibacterial effect. Under normal circumstances, the bacteria in the bladder will be washed to the outside with urination, but if the urine is held for a long time, the bacteria in the urine will grow in large numbers, and the resistance of the bladder mucosa will be reduced, so that the bacteria can have a chance to cause urinary tract infection.

2. Affect renal function

For example, if the reservoir is always full, it will affect the inflow of upstream water. Normally, when the upstream water enters the bladder, the flow valve (ureteral orifice) is unidirectional, and the water in the reservoir cannot flow back. But if the bladder is always in a high pressure state, for a long time, the valve will be destroyed, and urine may flow upstream, which will not only lead to hydronephrosis, affect renal function, but also easily lead to infection of renal pelvis.

3. Easily cause prostatitis

Teenagers often play and do not urinate after class. They are afraid of cold at night in winter. They are not willing to get up to urinate if they have urination, or they are addicted to watching movies or TV and do not urinate in time. Often for a long time urine, leading to the occurrence of prostatitis. Suffocation is the most common cause of prostatitis in adolescents.

4. Urinary disorders

The long-term suffocation of urine will make the nervous system disorder. Sometimes people will appear dizziness in the process of urination, which may be caused by the lack of blood supply to the brain.

5. Rupture of bladder

The most serious is bladder rupture. Human bladder toughness does not necessarily bear the accumulated urine. When the urine exceeds 300ml, the bladder will open and abdominal pain will occur. If the upper limit of the bladder is reached, the bladder may rupture.