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Who was the Great Wall Cola boy in 1979? Who is the first boy to drink coke in China

Before the reform and opening up in 1979, who was the first boy to drink coke in our country? I think everyone saw this little boy on the tiktok. Is he really curious about who this little boy is?

Who was the boy drinking coke at the Great Wall in 1979

Before the reform and opening up, there was no such thing as coke in our country. At that time, coke had not been introduced into our country. Then the little boy in the picture actually drank coke in the Great Wall. So this picture was taken on March 30, 1979 by James Middleton Andersen. This bottle of coke was smuggled into our country by him. The little boy also spent a few coins to find it temporarily.

In 1979, China was still relatively backward. At that time, James Middleton; When Andersen came to China to play, he took out a bottle of coke while visiting the photography on the Great Wall. While Andersen was preparing to make peace, he found a little boy looking curiously at the thing called the can in his hand. Andersen was very curious, so he asked the little boy if he wanted to taste it, and the boy nodded his head to express his agreement.

Seeing the happy expression of the boy drinking coke, Anderson took out his camera and took a picture as a souvenir. So this picture is saved. At the same time, this picture is called "the first can of coke in Red China". Of course, the significance of this picture is quite great, because the reform and opening up really brought great changes to our lives. Of course, I don't know the name of the boy at present. Maybe one day the boy will come out and claim himself.