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Why do sweaters Pille? Efficient way to solve pilling

In winter, all kinds of sweaters are people's favorite and fashion favorite. Wearing sweaters in winter is not only good-looking but also warm. But after wearing the sweater several times, it will Pille. So why do sweaters pilling? What are the solutions?

What about cashmere sweater pilling? The reason of sweater pilling

Many people don't understand the reason, even some people think that as long as the ball is a quality problem.

In fact, this is a kind of prejudice of people. In the use of various fiber clothing, due to the friction of various external forces, the clothing surface will be hairy and pilling.

There are many factors that cause the pilling of sweaters:

1. Raw material factors: the higher the quality of wool raw materials, the better the fineness, the denser the surface scales, the better the curl, the soft hand feel, but easy to wrap and pilling.

2. Fabric structure: different structure (flat needle, Yuanbao, shuangyuanbao, etc.), different density (loose, tight) will also produce different degrees of pilling phenomenon.

The National Bureau of technical supervision weaves the pilling test into the specified density according to the different specifications (number of pieces) of wool. The samples of organizational structure are placed in the pilling box for testing within the specified time, and then the grade is evaluated.

3. Wearing scene: when wearing with different objects (smooth and rough), there will also be different degrees of pilling. The sleeve, bag mouth and other parts are often rubbed and easy to pilling.

4. In terms of technology, if the twist is loose, the yarn is round and fat, and the sliver is plump, but it is easy to pilling, on the contrary, if the twist is tight, the style of the yarn will be lost, just like the rope.

Therefore, in the initial wearing process of sweater, the pilling phenomenon is slightly obvious. It can be repaired with small scissors, and it will not be produced again, and this phenomenon will gradually disappear.

Efficient way to solve pilling

The method is very important. There are great differences between before and after treatment~

1. If it is a relatively large wool ball, it can be cut directly with scissors.

2. It's very easy to clean up the small hair ball by gently scraping it with the hair removal comb at the pilling place~

3. It's quick and convenient to use a hair remover to remove the wool balls from sweaters and coats. In order to protect the texture, put the sweater on the plane, and stretch the wrinkles after operation!

4. Handle toothbrush. Use scissors to cut a few knives on one side of the toothbrush, so that the side of the toothbrush becomes uneven. Use the cut side of the toothbrush to gently scratch along the lines of the sweater, and also remove the hair ball.

5. With a razor gently in the sweater surface scrape a few times, the wool balls are piled up ~ with the hand twist up to throw away.

6. You can also use adhesive tape to stick it. Choose the one with good wide edge. But be careful not to hurt the sweater.

7. The sponge used for washing dishes should be new, clean and hard. Put the raised face on the sweater and just slide it gently.

Although I know the little skill of removing the wool ball, the most important thing to solve the problem of pilling is to clean and care the sweater.

Tips to prevent pilling

Next, I'll teach you some small details that you should pay attention to when washing, which can prevent pilling!

1. Cleaning: when the dirty sweater needs machine cleaning, turn the sweater over first, and then put nylon bag on the outside of the sweater, so that the cleaning can avoid friction to the greatest extent and reduce the damage to the sweater~

2. Wash and adjust: do not use traditional washing powder to wash sweater, use special sweater cleaner or shampoo to wash sweater. Washing sweaters with shampoo can make sweaters smooth and natural, not so easy to pilling.

3. Sweater storage: when we store sweaters, remember to wrap them in storage bags or plastic bags to reduce the friction between sweaters and other clothes, which can effectively reduce the pilling probability of sweaters!