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Is it true that Kraft, a girl of the month of December, is a sheep? How about the life of a girl who

Recently, Xiaobian saw a saying that the girl who belongs to the sheep is born in December, and she can't easily find her mother-in-law. Someone else said it's a disaster star. Is that true? How about the life of the girl who belongs to the sheep?

How about the girl who belongs to the sheep in the month of December? Is the girl a disaster? The fate of the goat born in the month of December:

The birth of the zodiac sheep ugly month (from January 5 / 6 to February 4 / 5 in the Gregorian calendar): YUESHA has money and food, so it's not suitable to live in the ancestral field, so it's hard for his wife to share it, so he can buy a farm with his hands.

It is a sheep that lives in the cold of the last month. It is hard to move. It has a long way to go. It has a lot of calamities. It is always guarded. It has no freedom to move. It strives all its life and enjoys happiness in its old age.

Born in the lunar month, it belongs to the sheep: at the time of Xiaohan, it's loyal and kind-hearted, with no six relatives to rely on, it's hard to succeed in the early years, and the waves fluctuate greatly. If you have strong will and perseverance to never say die, you can keep on fighting and earn both fame and wealth in your middle age, and you can live a happy life in your old age.

What's the saying that it belongs to the sheep female Kefu?

This view was criticized in the book Lun Heng written by Wang Chong in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The woman belonging to the sheep, in total, is a "Jiang", and the woman surnamed Jiang, the wife of a monarch in the spring and Autumn period, has a personal relationship with others, and has been killed. It is obviously wrong to conclude that all women belonging to sheep are Kraft. Many girls are complaining about how they belong to sheep, or who is offended. What do you say about sheep and women that are hard to raise? Women belong to sheep, they keep empty houses, ten sheep and nine incomplete sheep, etc. Secondly, to say that ten sheep and nine imperfections are anti Qing propaganda; because Empress Dowager Cixi belongs to sheep, born on the 10th day of October in the lunar calendar, Sun Yat Sen alliance will overthrow the Manchu regime. Claiming that the life of a sheep is not good is to fight against the Empress Dowager.

Is it true that the sheep girl born in December is a disaster star?

The twelve zodiac signs were originally used by the ancients to express the twelve solar positions of the whole day and night. They are not the other names of the chronology, nor the birth signs of people. They have nothing to do with human nature. "Zodiac", "Zodiac year" and "people's Zodiac" are all folk appellations. Therefore, the birth of a female sheep in December is a ridiculous lie of disaster star, which has no scientific basis.