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Do you know what to do when the house is wet

When spring comes, because of too much rain, many homes will be wet. The floor, the walls, etc. will be damp. In this way, the clothes, food and so on in the home will be moldy easily. So, how to deal with the humidity at home? Now, Xiaobian will teach you some tips to help your family go to the tide.

If the indoor wall is wet, then we can put a bag of quicklime in the room, which has a good effect of moisture absorption. In addition, to maintain indoor air circulation, we can use air conditioning and fans to help dehumidification. Now air conditioning has dehumidification function, which not only consumes less electricity than refrigeration, but also has good effect. However, if it's a special supermarket weather, we still need to close the doors and windows to avoid the infiltration of humid air and increase the humidity in the house. For the case of wall sweating, we can buy a dehumidifier, covering can help indoor dehumidification. At the same time, try not to plant indoors, which will aggravate the humidity. If it is humid for a long time, we can put some carbon in the room, which can play an ideal role in balancing humidity, preventing dust mites and purifying air.

We can also use quicklime to help damp the ground at home. Quicklime is an effective adsorbent, it can absorb the water molecules in the indoor air. We only need to put the bag containing quicklime in every corner of the room, which can play a good role in dehumidification. We can also put a basin of charcoal or stove in the room with the tide returning, which can make the indoor temperature rise, make the water vapor unable to condense, and then reduce the humidity in the room. But it should be noted that we must remember to open windows for ventilation, otherwise it will easily lead to gas poisoning.