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How to send 15 second video in wechat friends circle? How to send 15 second video in friend circle

sending video directly on wechat can only take 10 seconds, so it is impossible to send long video only on wechat. How do netizens respond to the 15 second video sent by wechat friends? Friends circle 15 seconds video specific method steps to understand.

Method / step:

Open QQ software, select dynamic - Social updates, open to QQ space interface.

Click the plus sign in the upper right corner, click talk or album.

Click to talk about it, click photos or videos, and then click to choose from the mobile album.

Select the video that needs to be sent to wechat friends circle and click publish.

After publishing, find the video just published in the space and click to share it to wechat friends circle.

Jump to wechat. It's a familiar picture. Write a paragraph if you want to write. Click publish in the upper right corner.

After publishing, you can click to watch it in the circle of friends.