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What traditional food do you want to eat in Laba Festival? What are their practices

After Laba is new year, everyone must be familiar with this sentence. Laba Festival is coming soon. We know that we will make Laba porridge and eat soaked Laba garlic at home on Laba Festival. Besides these two kinds of special food, do you know what traditional food to eat on Laba Festival? What are their practices? If you don't know, look at Xiaobian to answer for you.

Every time when we arrived at Laba Festival, the whole family sat together and drank a bowl of hot Laba porridge. My mother served a plate of stir dough and the whole body was warm. I couldn't feel the cold of winter at all. But for Xiaobian, Sanfan is the favorite food. Moreover, Sanfan is very easy. Let's take a look at it together The specific way of Laba special food.

Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits

Ingredients: lotus seed, medlar, glutinous rice, millet, job's tears, red bean, red date, rock candy, peanut

Methods: wash lotus seeds, peanuts, red beans and job's tears, soak them in water for a period of time, then put them in the pot, add some water, boil them in high heat, turn them into low heat and cook for about half an hour, then add glutinous rice and millet, continue to cook for 40 minutes left and right, wash red dates and put them in the pot, at this time keep stirring, in order to To prevent the paste pot from affecting the taste, cook for about 20 minutes, put in the washed wolfberry, then add some ice sugar, stir evenly, and cook for about five minutes to get out of the pot.

Laba garlic

Ingredients, garlic, vinegar, rock sugar

How to do it: peel the garlic, cut off the dry part with a knife, then wash it with clear water, drain the water, make sure to dry the water thoroughly, then prepare a clean glass screen, pour all the garlic into the bottle, add a proper amount of vinegar, then add a proper amount of ice sugar cubes, cover the lid, pay attention to the lid It must be sealed and put into the refrigerator. In about a week, it will be found that garlic has turned green and can be eaten. Laba garlic is ready.

Stir fried potato

Ingredients: potatoes, red peppers, green peppers, shallots, peanuts, garlic, dried peppers, prickly ash, vinegar, raw salt, sweet potatoes, sesame, peanuts

Method: clean the potatoes, cut them into small pieces and put them into a steamer. Steam them for about 20 minutes, steam them thoroughly, take them out and press them into a mud shape with a spoon, then use a rolling pin to mash the mashed potatoes into a ball, wash the green and red peppers separately, cut them into small pieces, chop the chives, mash the garlic and dry the peppers, cut them into sections, put them into a bowl with the prickly ash, heat the pan and burn the oil, Pour it on the dried pepper and pepper, then put the chopped green onion, garlic and red green pepper into a small bowl, then add the vinegar, soy sauce, salt, red oil and fried pepper oil, mix them evenly, then make the potato balls just made into balls, put them into the bowl, dip in the sauce, sprinkle the cooked sesame and peanut chips, then you can.


Ingredients: cornmeal, watercress, shallots, chili oil, potatoes, garlic

How to do it: put some water in the pot, after the heat is over, prepare the cornmeal, sprinkle it in the pot and stir it quickly with chopsticks, until the cornmeal is mixed into a paste, turn it into a small fire, and continue cooking for about 10 minutes. Then wash the potatoes, peel them and cut them into thin shreds. Put some oil in the frying pan. After the heat is over, put in the garlic, burst out the fragrance and stir fry the potatoes. Then put the corn paste into the bowl, add the fried potato shreds, chili oil and prepared watercress, it will be a special pleasure to eat.

Well, it's the Laba Festival in a few days. Let's learn these kinds of delicacies quickly. Then, let's make a show for our family. Let's pray together in Laba for the good weather in the next year. Xiaobian here also wishes you good health and all the best in the new year.