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How does Apple mobile set up to grab red packets automatically? A list of Apple mobile phone's autom

Recently, many netizens are asking how to set up Apple mobile phone to grab red envelopes automatically? Xiaobian has integrated relevant information. Let's have a look at the setting process of Apple mobile phone's automatic red packet grabbing.

01. Open wechat, enter the wechat group that needs to grab red packets, click [group settings] button in the upper right corner of wechat group, find the [message free] option and close it. (Note: if there are multiple wechat groups, please repeat this step).

02. After the wechat is completely closed in the background, open the [second to grab red packets] plug-in on the desktop, and then open wechat to automatically grab red packets.

03. Please keep wechat on the front desk. Please don't lock the screen, and 'second snatches red packets' will automatically snatch red packets for you!

04. If you want your friends to go to the top of your life with you, share such a good artifact with them immediately. Don't forget to give them a compliment.

Robbing red packets means robbing virtual red packets on the Internet. In February 2015, WeChat and Alipay represented the "red envelope" war. Only two Tencent and Alibaba, during the Spring Festival, will send more than 600 million yuan of cash envelopes, plus 6 billion 400 million yuan shopping packages in various forms, such as coupons. Since then, 'red envelopes' have become popular.

According to the data, just from the eve of the first month to the beginning of the month, the major Internet giants and businesses will send tens of billions of red envelopes through WeChat, QQ, Alipay wallet, micro-blog, Baidu, no secret software and social platforms. Different from the traditional red packet, Internet virtual red packet realizes the important means of the combination of mobile Internet and offline business.