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Tiktok, Li Xueqin, what makes it so hot? Does Li Xueqin like Wu Yifan

Not long ago, Li Xueqin, a famous netizen, shouted at Wu Yifan across the air on a certain tone. Today, Wu Yifan responded to hahaha, so cute!! so who is Li Xueqin? Is Li Xueqin a fan of Wu Yifan?

The tiktok audience should know a pet phrase well, that's Li Xueqin. Many netizens Hang Li Xueqin at their mouths and imitate her. But many netizens still don't know why Li Xueqin is so popular. What's Li Xueqin? Why is she popular? Is Xueqin from Peking University? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian!

What tiktok Li Xueqin? What tiktok is there? There is a user named Li Xueqin. Every time the video begins, "Hello, everyone, I am Li Xue Qin, today..." and then this "Li Xueqin body" is copied by many people. Actually, it is nothing special, because this opening speech is unique and impressive, so it is gradually burning, like "Lu Chao body" is the same principle. Tiktok Li Xueqin how to fire? Li Xueqin starts with a fixed opening at each video, then faces his face in the whole process, and tells a poker faced thing and then ends.

Because the opening speech is unique and recognizable, and the Northeast cavity of Li Xueqin, many people have an impression on it. Someone imitates the way Li Xueqin talks after a long time, and this' Li Xueqin 'body becomes popular on the Internet. Most of Li Xueqin's videos are grounded and close to life, just like a friend who has known you for a long time and shares daily life with you every day.

Li Xueqin's rap is also one of the most popular styles recently. Several popular videos include "what does Li Xueqin tell you about the real northeast underground woman rapper" about New York ", which are very distinctive. One by one, in principle, plus Li Xueqin's serious face, there is a huge contrast. In a word, they are serious and funny.

Tiktok adorable girl, who was not able to understand why Li Xueqin could be angry and watched several videos, was attracted by this simple and unpretentious sister. Unlike other people who were selling their faces and selling their love and playing with sexy web red, Li Xueqin was really a clear stream. What's more, Xiao Bian was also surrounded by powder. Now, Li Xue Qin also has a twenty thousand pink powder, so it seems that many of her little partners are really fond of Li Xueqin.