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What are the advantages of pickled feet with vinegar? The use of vinegar feet

I don't know if you've ever heard the saying, "rich people take tonics, poor people bubble their feet.". This proverb shows the importance of feet soaking. Now we pay more attention to health preservation. We will add some things to feet soaking water, such as petals, traditional Chinese medicine and so on. What Xiaobian recommended to you is a very common and cheap foot soaking good thing. Today, let's talk about the advantages of vinegar foot soaking. Let's learn about it!

1. Promote blood circulation

In winter, many women will feel cold hands and feet, which is caused by the lack of blood gas circulation. In the cold winter, we add vinegar when we soak feet, which can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, improve the oxygen deficiency of various parts of the body caused by long-term immobility or fatigue, enhance metabolism, and improve the cold hands and feet.

2. Eliminate fatigue

At the end of the year, most companies are busy. Too much work will make you feel tired. You may as well use vinegar to bubble your feet when you go home from work. Using vinegar to soak feet can accelerate the blood circulation of human body, improve the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen, improve the hypoxia state of various parts of the body caused by fatigue, enhance the metabolism of various systems, and facilitate the discharge of carbon dioxide and exhaust gas in the body, so that the human body can be relaxed and fatigue can be eliminated.

3. Improve beriberi

Vinegar soaked feet can improve beriberi, which is a recipe that many people know. Now there are more and more friends with beriberi. Feet will not only itch and peel, but also stink, which is the result of fungal infection. Therefore, using vinegar to soak the feet can play a role in sterilization and cleaning, but try to ensure that the feet are not damaged when using vinegar to soak the feet.

4. Moisturize the skin

In winter, the climate is dry, and I'm looking forward to the fact that many mm skin will dry and crack in the air conditioning room. At this time, I might as well try to soak my feet in vinegar for one week. I will find that not only the foot skin has become smooth, but also the body and face skin have become more shiny and moist.

5. Cure insomnia and dreaminess

The friend who is easy to lose sleep at night is saved. Every night, he soaked his feet in vinegar for half an hour, which can coordinate the excitement of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, regulate, dredge and relax the nervous nerves, harmonize the Qi and blood of meridians and collaterals, balance the Yin and Yang, and adhere to it for a long time, which can greatly change the quality of sleep.

6. Prevention of osteoporosis

The elderly often use vinegar to soak their feet. It can not only reduce blood pressure and soften blood vessels, but also effectively reduce the incidence of hypertension and arteriosclerosis. It can also promote the absorption of calcium and prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis.