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What are the foreign high score suspense films? Ten high score classic brain burning suspense films

It is believed that many people like films with suspense themes. When watching movies, their thoughts often follow the protagonist closely. The intense and exciting atmosphere makes people's spirit also excited. In watching movies, people can't stop experiencing speculation, questioning and finally proving but being overthrown. The ups and downs of drama make people want to stop. Today, the editor will recommend ten classic brain burning suspense films with high scores. I'm sure you will like them.

NO01: Mulholland Road (8.3 points)

Recommendation: burning brain, which is the real reality or dream?

No02: island of confinement (8.7 points)

Li recommend: burn brain, if others say you are crazy, believe me, you are really crazy!

NO03: Terror Cruise (8.3 points)

Li Jian: burn brain, when you kill yourself again and again, the pain is endless!

No04: David Gore's life (8.6 points)

Recommendation: is it really worth to give your life for the sake of faith?

No05: the night comet came (8.4 points)

Li recommend: burn brain, lie on own bed and own husband intimate oneself, actually is not oneself!

No06: memory fragment (8.5 points)

Li Jian: burn your brain, everything you forget is what you have done!

No07: prosecution witness (9.6:57)

Recommendation: reverse, not to the end, you will never guess the end!

No08: fatal ID (8.6 points)

Li Jian: brain burning, the devil who lives in your heart, is the weapon that controls you to commit murder!

No09: the lost lover

Recommendation: reverse, how terrible a vicious woman is, you can't bear it!

No10 deadly magic (8.8 points)

Recommendation: reverse, the true and false magic depends on whether you cheat life???