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How to make sausages at home? What ingredients do you need for homemade sausage

Many people like to eat sausages. In addition to those bought in the supermarket, there are also many people making sausages at home. The taste of sausages made by each family is different. Naturally, there are good and bad sausages, so how to make homemade sausages and what ingredients should be put in the sausages? Let's see with the small editor.

What ingredients do you need for homemade sausage

Many people will choose to make their own sausage during the Spring Festival. The sausage made by themselves has a good taste and can be kept for a long time. But how to make a good sausage, seasoning is the key. Pork 1 kg, sugar 40 g, salt 25 g, soy sauce 15 g, white wine 30 g, pepper 1 g, MSG 2 g, starch 50 g, ginger 10 g juice only use ginger juice, honey a small amount, red koji a small amount can not put. To make sausages, we need sausage ingredients, especially orange peel, clove, star anise, pepper, cinnamon and other ingredients. Put the seasoning into the cut meat and stir evenly, marinate for more than ten minutes, and then stir again.

It's very important to air dry the sausage after it's done. It's good to dry it outside, but don't put it in a very hot place. The sausage may go bad, and it needs to be well preserved. The sausage can be dried by hanging it in the ventilating place, or it can be smoked with raw materials such as thatch and cypress bud after being dried. The effect is better. Processed sausage, if short-term storage, as long as hanging in the room, often pay attention to open the door and window ventilation on the line. This can be kept for about 60 days.

Can homemade sausages be made without sugar

There are still many flavors of sausages without sugar. They are sweet, spicy and salty, and some people have different tastes. You can choose not to put sugar at all. Sugar only improves the freshness of sausages. Sugar is needed to put in sausages. Only when the seasoning proportion is even, the taste will be delicious. There is no special role in putting white sugar in homemade sausages. This is based on different tastes It's different from person to person. Some people like salty ones, and some like Cantonese sweet ones, so the ingredients are different.

Many people know that sausage is a good food, there are many ways to cook it, and many people like it. The meat in sausage still needs a little fat to ensure a good taste. It is suggested that the proportion of fat and lean meat should be controlled at 3:7, so that the sausages made are fresh and juicy, and will not send firewood no matter when they are steamed or fried; if you prick some small eyes with a needle, you can make the sausages completely cool and dry, and avoid deterioration.