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What to do with yellow teeth? How to return your white and confident smile

What causes yellow teeth? In fact, tooth yellow is a normal reaction, because the food we eat every day contains food pigment, long-term accumulation and sedimentation will lead to tooth yellow, especially the strong tea, coffee and other food will make the teeth very yellow, so what should we do?

Method 1: try to eat less strong tea, coffee, etc

To a certain extent, these foods will make teeth turn yellow, just like tea leaves, which will form tea stains after being immersed in a cup for a long time, and teeth will turn yellow after being affected by these substances for a long time, so we have to use less of them. In addition, smoking is especially serious for teeth injuries. Some old smokers have blackened their teeth completely after smoking for decades, so smoking is harmful to their health, It is harmful to the appearance.

Method 2: whitening with acid

The use of acidic substances can play a good role, such as white vinegar lemon juice. These acidic substances have a very strong ability to remove the dirt in life. To remove the dirt in the teapot, you need to use vinegar. But when you brush your teeth with these, you must pay attention to the proportion, not too sour. Too much acid can easily lead to the occurrence of soft teeth.

Method 3: wash or cool teeth

The quickest way is to go to a dentist to wash your teeth. Generally, the teeth will be several degrees white after washing. It can also effectively remove calculus. But this method can not be used too often, or it will still hurt the teeth. In addition, we can try a new technology - cold light teeth. Compared with traditional tooth washing, this new technology can reduce the damage of teeth. But the cost is high. And washing your teeth is not always beneficial. The daily food will affect your teeth.