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What food is good for invigorating blood and Qi? Four kinds of soup for quick replenishment of Qi an

Qi and blood is the most important part of human body. Most people are prone to deficiency of both qi and blood, especially women, who need to replenish blood and Qi. So what's the best way to replenish blood and Qi? Today, this article recommends four kinds of soup to replenish qi and blood quickly. Fairies with insufficient Qi and blood can have a try.

Four kinds of soup for tonifying blood

1. Siwu soup

Siwu soup is a treasure for women. The so-called Siwu refers to angelica, cooked land, white peony and Chuanxiong. For female friends, after a few days of each month, Siwu Decoction can be used to replenish blood and regulate menstruation. Women often drink Siwu Tang can not only replenish blood, prevent anemia, but also drink a good look.

Method: wrap the four things, add the ribs and stew them into soup. If you don't like ribs, you can also add other meat according to your taste.

2. Sanhong soup

The so-called three red soup refers to red dates, red beans, peanuts three red food cooked together out of the soup. As we all know, red food has the effect of nourishing blood, and dates, red beans, peanuts themselves are relatively easy to buy, so it is worth recommending to you.

How to do it: Boil jujube, red bean and peanut together, and remind peanut not to peel here. Because of the peanut skin, it has more blood tonic effect.

3. Longan lotus seed soup

Method: Add 20 osmanthus and 50 lotus seeds, add some water, and cook until the lotus seeds are soft and ripe.

Functions: Invigorating the spleen, calming the nerves and nourishing the blood.

4. Tremella pumpkin blood tonic soup

Tremella pumpkin is very suitable for women's beauty, it also has the effect of nourishing blood, especially for those women with bad complexion and yellow complexion.

Before making Tremella pumpkin blood tonic soup, you'd better prepare a piece of pumpkin, 20 grams of dried lotus seeds, a piece of tremella, 10 red dates, and a proper amount of crystal sugar.

When you do it, you should wash the pumpkin first. You'd better not peel it. It tastes better. Then you can get rid of the lotus seed heart and wash the red dates. Boil the water in the pot, add the lotus seeds and the tremella and cook for 15 minutes in a small heat, then add the pumpkin and cook until soft.