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Can I spray perfume with my baby? Is perfume harmful to babies?

Perfume is full of our life. Some mothers like to spray some perfume in their room. They think that they will love it more. If babies love to bring their children, they still don't recommend perfume. What are the dangers of perfume for babies?

Perfume damages baby's health

Cosmetics, air fresheners and washing products are daily necessities that we often use. They all contain perfume.

Perfume contains a lot of chemicals that damage your baby's health.

Perfume contains more aromatics. Making aromatics requires at least 5000 chemical components. Each of these fragrances has more than 600 chemical components. Among the 5000 chemical components, 20% of them have been tested for toxicity, which has been proved to be toxic and listed as dangerous goods by many countries.

Do you know how these chemicals in perfume can invade the human body? They can be absorbed into the body through mouth, nose and skin, and then circulate through the blood to reach all parts of the body, and then cause injury to the corresponding parts of the body.

Perfume is easy to cause asthma.

The chemical components of aromatics are especially harmful to the skin and lungs. Many people have side effects such as urticaria and dermatitis after using aromatics. Aromatics have a great influence on chronic lung disease, especially asthma. According to statistics, in the United States alone, up to 75% (about 9 million patients) of asthma cases are caused by perfume.

Perfume affects baby's brain development

Aromatics have a great effect on the brain. Perfume and other aromatics containing rich ingredients can induce depression, depression and even life-threatening respiratory diseases.

It is worth noting that children are more susceptible to aromatics than adults. If women use perfume for a long time, they will accumulate the chemical composition of the perfume in the body. During lactation, they will damage the baby's health through milk. In addition, parents often spray perfume, but also poison the children's breathing air, causing children's attention, learning disabilities, excessive activities, and even can cause convulsion, retardation and other hazards.

Some other diseases caused by perfume

Perfume also causes sensitive children's headaches (especially migraines), sneezing, tears, breathing difficulties, dizziness, sore throat, chest tightness, overactivity and so on.