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What do you mean by bill style well-off? The origin of bill style well-off

Now the electronic payment is more and more convenient. It's done with a mobile phone when you go out. It's easy to spend money for a while. There's no concept of how much you spend. In January 8, 2018, Alipay launched its annual bill. Everyone lamented that he was so rich that he entered the well-off society directly through his bill.

1. What is the meaning of the bill type well-off

What's the meaning of bill style well-off: the simplest and direct meaning is that every time you see the total bill consumption, you will find yourself well-off. As an Internet buzzword, it refers to being poor and struggling, but at a glance at the bill, I feel like I've had a good time in the past year. There are food, drink and consumption on the bill. How many peers are ahead of us are really smart. In reality, it's pretty miserable to have zero deposit. I haven't seen so much money and nothing.

2. The origin of the word "well off" in the form of account list

In January 8, 2019, Alipay APP launched the 2018 annual Alipay bill. This year's annual bill counted the expenses in 2018 in the form of supermarket tickets, and there were also credit cases. Users can check the annual bill through the "Alipay APP- I bill" or the home page search bill. Many users are shocked after reading their bills, and ridicule that this is the realization of "bill style well-off".

Comments on well-off net friends

Looking at Alipay's annual bill, I realized that I had already made a comfortable foot. The other one was interrupted by life.

--Every time I look at the bill, I think I used to be rich. In fact, I was blinded by flowers.

--I was shocked that I spent so much money in a year, but I lived like this spicy chicken.

--After reading the bill, I came from the torture of soul: where did my money come from and where did I go.