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What's Ma Yun's flat headed brother? Why is the name of Ma Yun bar hHB?

What's the reason for Ma yundada's flat head? Because the news of Ma yundada's opening the bar came out, he immediately occupied the headlines. It's not strange to say that Ma yundada's opening the bar. In fact, many people are just curious about the name of Ma yundada's bar. Why is it called flat head? Let's understand the reason for the back meeting.

What's the stem of Ma Yun's Flathead

It must be known to all that several new Alibaba companies have the names of pingtouge, including last September's pingtouge semiconductor company and the current hHB pingtouge bar.

Why did brother Pingtou become the company name of Ali? Why did Ma Yun love brother Pingtou? In fact, this is closely related to a trip to Africa by Ma Yun.

In September 2018, Ma Yun went to Africa to see the flat headed Gome badger in the animal world.

Because of its extraordinary fighting consciousness, the badger can challenge the king fearlessly in the face of fierce lions and tigers or deadly poisonous snakes.

In addition, the intelligence quotient of the badger in the animal world is also outstanding, so Ma Yun thinks that the spirit of challenge and wisdom of the badger is exactly the spirit of Ali.

So after his trip to Africa, Ma Yun began to name Ali's new company Flathead.

That is to say, Ma Yun's flat headed brother is actually Ma Yun's personal requirements for the company's enterprises and employees, fearless, strong, brave and intelligent expectations!

What does hHB mean

It is reported that hHB Pingtou is the name of Ma Yun's newly opened bar, hHB music house.

HH refers to Alibaba's double h strategy, namely, health and happiness. B is the initials of badger in the Latin scientific name of honey badger.

However, some netizens joked that hHB didn't mean to spend money?

It is reported that Ma Yun said in his opening speech at hHB pingtouge bar: this hHB pingtouge is not for the purpose of making money. He hopes to provide a place with good wine, good music and good friends. He also hopes that it will become popular and provide a platform for music loving young people.