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Which traditional food is better for Laba Festival? Do not miss these delicacies in Laba Festival

Laba Festival heralds the coming of the new year. During Laba Festival, many people will celebrate Laba Festival. Some traditional food is also indispensable. What traditional food does Laba Festival have? Let's talk with Xiaobian.

What traditional food do you eat on Laba Festival

Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits

Laba porridge is the most famous food in Laba Festival. Because it tastes delicious, it becomes very special in the cold winter. It helps the body to supplement nutrition and bring warmth. The raw material of Babao porridge is also rice or glutinous rice (main material), with millet, mung bean, red bean, walnut kernel, peanut, jujube, yam, lotus seed, etc. it is rich in protein, lysine, fatty acid, various trace elements and vitamins.

Laba garlic

Laba garlic is a very common food needless to say. It's eaten more in the north, but sometimes it can be made and eaten by yourself in spring and autumn and summer. It can be seen that it's a very popular food. In winter, we often eat Laba garlic, which is good for people's health. It can not only kill bacteria, but also detoxify. The finished garlic is light green and tastes sweet, sour and spicy, which is very delicious. Eating dumplings is even more beautiful.

Laba bean

Laba bean is a kind of bean product, which is very famous in Hunan Province, and it is eaten as a kind of pickled product. The finished product has a special fragrance and is very delicious, so it is very popular with people.

What's the delicious ice for Laba Festival

Laba Festival is also the time when many places begin to snow. In order to have a better life in the next year, many people will choose to eat a little ice, which also represents a year's bad luck. The day before Laba, people usually use a steel basin to scoop water and freeze it. When Laba Festival comes, people take off the ice and break the ice into pieces. It is said that the ice on this day is very magical. After eating it, you won't have stomachache in the next year.

Laba Tofu

Laba bean curd is the same as Laba bean, and it's also a good pickled product. Many people will choose to eat a little tofu at Laba Festival. Tofu contains a lot of protein. It's good to eat it in winter. Laba tofu is a folk specialty in Qianxian County, Anhui Province. On the eve of the Spring Festival, around the 8th day of the 12th lunar month, every family in Qianxian county needs to dry tofu. People call this kind of naturally dried tofu "Laba tofu".

La Ba noodles

The main food is not rare. It's similar to spicy meat noodles in Shanghai. Laba noodles also use minced meat and other vegetables as topping on the noodles, which is also delicious. People combine beans with cuisines, boil walnuts, sesame, peanuts, lotus seeds, green vegetables, spinach, yellow flowers, agaric and other noodles together to make soup noodles, which are nutritious and delicious.

La Ba rice

Laba rice is also a very common food, which is usually made of glutinous rice, and it contains a lot of nutritional elements, rich and diverse. When cooking, first cook bacon, then put kelp and peanuts, and then put rice, dried tofu, white radish, cabbage stem and seasoning after slightly cooking to make them mature and consistent. This rice is rich in ingredients, delicious and nutritious.