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How old are social security women retiring? What are the new regulations for social security retirem

Now the medical level in China has been greatly improved, so people can live longer now. As a result, people's retirement age has also changed a lot. Some people don't know when they can retire. Is there any standard here? How old are social security women retiring? What are the new regulations for social security retirement in 2019?

The first is that if the company helps pay for social security, in this case they set the retirement age for men to be 60, for women to be 50 and for women cadres to be 55. If there are some female workers with special jobs, their retirement age can be advanced, almost 45 years old. However, their leadership age is about 50 years old.

The second is that if the unit doesn't help pay social security, it will pay social security for itself. For staff like this, the general legal retirement age is 55 for women and 60 for men, but this regulation is not nationwide, because different regions have different standards. There are also regulations in some cities for women who pay their own social security. Their retirement age is also 50, so their retirement age is also 50.

The third is that women who are registered unemployed also retire at the age of 50. Since they have been registered as unemployed people, they have certain political preferences in the policy of retirement. At the same time, the government will provide them with the cost of medical insurance, and sometimes the cost of pension. In this case, female comrades should also retire at the age of 50.

The fourth is how to determine their retirement age when unemployment is more serious? Some women lose their ability to work and work because of illness or disability. In this case, the retirement time will be relaxed. Their retirement age is generally advanced to 45. But if you want to retire according to this age, you must get some relevant certificates, and have your labor department to witness whether the situation is true before you can apply. If women have this situation, the retirement age should be 45.

The fifth is that women take part in health insurance for urban and rural residents. In that case, male and female, even if you pay the social security fees for many years, your retirement age will be 60. In fact, no matter how your situation is, if you want to have security for your pension, you must meet the time for paying social security. Only when they meet the requirements can they determine at what time they can receive retirement pay according to their own conditions and the regulations of the government.

If women pay their own social security, they usually get their pension when they are 55. If there are special circumstances, the age limit is generally between 50 and 45 years old.