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What are the strongest monsters in Hollywood movies? Ten monsters in Hollywood movies

Hollywood blockbusters are always very shocking, and the special effects are very lifelike, which makes all kinds of strange creatures created as if they are real, especially the monsters in Hollywood movies, most of them are powerful and ferocious. Today, let's talk about those monsters in Hollywood movies to see who is the strongest.

The first "alien". First of all, we can see that there are as many as eleven forms in the alien series. In particular, the fighting power of the alien with iron blood combined with iron blood soldiers is very strong. It's not big, it's powerful!

The second "alien monster", in the five movies in the series, the monster can only live in the ground from the beginning of reptiles, gradually evolved to be able to walk on the ground, fly in the air, and finally walk upright like humans.

The third "iron blood soldier", as a kind of ugly but powerful monster, has advanced weapons and equipment, thermal detector, which can find the position of human without eyes. Stealth instrument can attack stealth when needed. All kinds of weapons, machine guns and cold weapons, the advanced level is incomparable to human beings.

The fourth "the Pacific Rim", the monsters that appear in it, each generation is getting stronger and stronger, with huge destructive force. If there is no giant machine armor, or if there is no way to blow up the passageway, the monsters that come up will not be able to compete with human beings!

The fifth "King Kong", as a monster who likes girls, likes to watch the scenes of fighting with the skull monster, even the picture of King Kong tearing T-Rex's mouth is quite shocking, and eating big octopus raw.

The sixth "Godzilla", a huge monster, is also the most powerful monster on earth. At present, when the energy is strong enough to self explode, it can cause damage at the global level. You can imagine its destructive and terrible!

The seventh is Jurassic Park, where the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex appears. It's also a movie series that I enjoyed very much when I was a child. Ancient dinosaurs, without using weapons, should have few creatures to contend with it. Although it's not as fierce as the beast in the Pacific Rim, it's very destructive if there's one!

The eighth "biochemical crisis" appeared in t-00, which is a terrible monster, a guy I would rather avoid than face directly, and a licker. These two can be said to be monster level. One is powerful, the other is numerous, fast and powerful.

The Ninth "Python disaster" series, maybe you think this series is the weakest one here. But if it's big enough, I'm sure few people can do it!

The tenth "strange type", first of all, is similar to "alien". The movie tells a scientific research team going to Antarctica to investigate and encounter monsters that can become human beings. The team members suspected each other and finally found the entity through blood test and killed it. And when I read the strange shape prequel at that time, I also knew that this kind of monster could actually become human. If there are countless such monsters, it will be very terrible. In fact, what's the most terrible? It's the kind of monster that will evolve all the time. For example, alien can become many kinds of forms, and the monster like Pacific Rim can evolve from generation to generation. Of course, if you can be as strong as "iron warrior", with advanced weapons, many things can also be killed in seconds! Then who do you think is the strongest and who is the weak chicken?