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How to deal with food hygiene license online? List of online procedures for food hygiene license

The food hygiene license, referred to as hygiene license for short, is a hygiene license issued by units and individuals engaged in food production and marketing activities after examination and approval by the food and drug administration. So how to deal with food hygiene license online? Small edition with you to understand the food hygiene license online process list.

step 1: description of materials to be submitted by the applicant: 1. Application form to be printed online 2. Guarantee statement (can be downloaded from the public mailbox) 3. Copy of business license 4. Copy of ID card of the person in charge 5. Copy of health certificate of the employee 6. Layout of facilities and equipment in the operation room 7. Text of food safety system (can be downloaded from the public mailbox)

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Extended data:

According to the measures for the administration of food hygiene license issued by the Ministry of health in December 2005, any unit or individual engaged in food production and operation activities shall apply to the administrative department of health and go through the application procedures for hygiene license in accordance with the regulations; they can only engage in food production and operation activities after being examined and approved by the administrative department of health, and bear the food hygiene responsibility for food production and operation. '

The administrative department of public health of the local people's Government shall abide by these measures and issue hygiene licenses to food producers and operators. '

The health license for the production activities of food additive, health food and new resource food production enterprises shall be issued by the provincial health administrative department