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In the coming year of the pig, there are only 354 days for experts to explain what's going on

On the 6th, in the December of the lunar calendar, the folk name is "December". The Laba is fragrant and the taste of the year is getting stronger, and the pace of the year of pigs in the lunar calendar is getting closer and closer. But some experts say this year's year of the pig is only 354 days. What's going on? Today Xiaobian will come to solve the mystery for you.

astronomy experts say that, like the 1898 dog year of the lunar calendar, the year of the pig in the Chinese calendar is also a normal year, with 354 days in total.

Zhao Zhiheng, director of Tianjin Astronomical Society and astronomy education expert, said that the year of 1898 in the lunar calendar began on February 16, 2018 and ended on February 4, 2019, totaling 354 days. The upcoming year of the pig in the Chinese calendar starts on February 5, 2019 and ends on January 24, 2020, which is exactly 354 days. There is a 'leap April' in the year of gengzi mouse in the lunar calendar after the year of the pig, which has a total of 384 days.

Zhao Zhiheng explained that there are three universal calendars in the world: the solar calendar, the lunar calendar and the Yin Yang calendar. According to the solar calendar, the time interval between the two solar terms passing through the vernal equinox is one year, which is called "return year". The period is 365.2422 days. This is the current "Gregorian calendar" in the world. The length of the solar calendar is 365 days in the normal year and 366 days in the leap year.

Different from the solar calendar, the lunar calendar is arranged according to the changing cycle of the moon round and missing, with an average of 29.5306 days per month, one year and 12 months, 354.3672 days, about 11 days less than the solar calendar.

In order to coordinate the number of days between the solar calendar and the lunar calendar, a new lunar calendar, the current lunar calendar, was created. The method of "7 leap years in 19 years" was adopted, that is, adding 7 leap years in 19 lunar years. There are 383 to 385 days in the leap year of the lunar calendar because there are more than one leap month, while the normal year of the lunar calendar usually has 353 to 355 days.

Zhao Zhiheng said that the upcoming year of the pig is a year of peace, with six big months (30 days) and six small months (29 days), a total of 354 days.

Astronomy experts especially remind that the first day of the first lunar month is the beginning of the Chinese Zodiac year. Specifically, in the year of the pig, the children born between February 5, 2019 and January 24, 2020 are all pigs.