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What is the meaning of real fragrance warning on the Internet? Where does the real fragrance warning

The stem on the Internet is like cutting leeks, one after another. You've heard about the real fragrance warning before. Today, we're going to talk about the real fragrance warning. The real fragrance warning is a new online term recently, which means the same as the real fragrance warning. So where does the real fragrance warning come from? Let's get to know it with Xiaobian!

What is the term "true fragrance warning"? It is used as a term for Internet language, and it is often used to describe something addicted to something or to make complaints about the tucks. It is also often used as a 'real fragrance warning'.

The origin of "true fragrance warning" is derived from the development of "true fragrance" stem. "Zhenxiang" stemmed from the cruel words of Wang Jingze, the hero of the city, when he first came to the rural family in metamorphosis, "I, Wang Jingze, starved to death, jumped down from here and won't eat anything!" and then he ate with a bowl and said, "Zhenxiang". Such a funny plot of slapping faces. After the broadcast of the program, the video content was made into relevant tables by netizens Love packets began to spread on the Internet.

The development experience of "Zhenxiang early warning" became popular in March 2018. There are 6 sets of templates that can be used to make sand sculpture expressions online, including the most popular "Zhenxiang, do whatever you want, it's impossible to work"... Then there are many funny expression packs made by netizens on the Internet, which are collectively referred to as "sand sculpture map", making "Zhenxiang" stem explode Red network.